Sunday, February 20, 2011

Lighter Side

Taken from a forum post:

"Ok, so I played xLovers quite a bit and Im must say Im very pleased. Just few of those mods + alternative start and I found myself roleplaying a whore that lives of from money she gets from selling her body, in a inn room she got by giving owner a blowjob, she then uses money to buy new pretty clothes (yeah I know roleplaying like this is pretty disturbing). Now with game allows you to do this while still being great traditional RPG by itself?"

Hang on, I'm laughing too hard to type...

There, that's better.

Not sure what it is, but something about the Oblivion community just seems lighter and less annoying than the Fallout community.

Banging around this particular forum thread (not on the Nexus' forum, so don't ask) always makes me want to delete everything less.

Granted, the grammar is still atrocious... but it's funny anyway.

Probably explains why I'm modding Oblivion way more than the Fallouts these days.

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