Tuesday, May 28, 2013


So, Herculine makes a post over on her blog. I try to comment.

I am informed I cannot; for you see, I have not joined the holy G+. I have not "upgraded" because in doing so it crams every iota of data Google can scour from the web about you into one easy to abus-I mean peruse listing; collates all your data to sell to whoever they please; and makes some changes to Picasa, but does not specify anywhere that I could find what exactly those changes are.

Look. I don't want to be an easy to find profile; listing every account I have, my search histories, my uploaded images, my blogs. If I want shit cross-linked, I will do the linking.

I do not want to post under my "real name". If I liked my real name, I wouldn't be fucking posting as Nos. Sadly, however, I do engage in some semi-official business with my Gmail account; and thus need a proper name attached to it. Apparently this isn't going to fly much longer in Google's eternal quest to completely destroy privacy and compartmentalized lives, however.

On the bright side: almost no one actually reads this anymore; and no one even notices me on the Nexus except when they need a mod fixed or a script written, so I can probably slip back into obscurity pretty easily.

Though I do wish I hadn't spent all that time this morning figuring out how to make up the pseudo-postcard in New Vegas (you wouldn't believe how much trouble it is to get a line of text arced to make a postmark) since I'm not in the mood to actually post it anymore. Probably need to be in the other room working on designing that FNX45 holster, anyway...