Friday, July 2, 2010

Nos' Adventures, Introduction

Okay, so I've been mentioning on and off for awhile now a secret project.

I wasn't being secretive strictly because I enjoy messing with you. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy that; it's just not the primary reason this time. I held off mentioning it because I wasn't sure I was going to go through with my idea.

The more astute of you may have had a feeling what was coming, based on the album name that the screenshot I posted on Tuesday came from.

As I've mentioned now and again, I'm a writer, as well as an NPC monger and profanity-spewing code monkey. Since taking up my apparent mantle as go-to-guy for many things companion in FO3, I've lost practically all opportunity to write. So, I've decided to combine Fallout 3 and writing, and do one of those "journal with screenshots" things you see from time to time.

This one - I hope at least - will be less boring than most you see. No trials and tribulations of a misunderstood ghoul; or tour of duty of an initiate in the Brotherhood or any of that crap. This is going to be straight-up me. I write the sort of thing I like to read. And what, you may ask, do I like to read? Sex, violence, and dark humor.

This will cover from Vault 101, up until I either handle the whole game and as much of the DLC as I can stomach, or until I get bored and decide to do something else.

It won't be done to the exclusion of my modding. Rather, it will be an... alternate creative outlet, for those times when I want to write.

Mods will be included here and there, with appropriate links; but I want to say outright that this story will not center around Vault 1. It will likely make an appearance later on, but to start it will be nowhere to be seen.

I should also note that despite the fact that I'm not going to sidestep the issue of sex, this will not devolve into pr0n. No nudity in the screenshots, even. Damn well no AP.

There will however be profanity, blood, and evil deeds aplenty. Be forewarned: in my stories, there are no "good guys".

The entries will be arranged in traditional date format, and will be archived in a new list on the right side of the blog.

Got the shots for the first entry uploaded, and it written. I just need to move it from Word to a blogger post, and add in the appropriate links and such.

So... yeah. Enjoy, I guess. Oh, and feel free to blame Herculine for this. She's my enabler on this one, too...


  1. Well sure, if any angry protesters with torches and pitchforks show up I'd be happy to have a word with them... but I seriously doubt that will happen. Judging from the first entry, Nos' Adventures will be just as I had predicted: an entertaining and interesting read, at least for Fallout 3 fans. You're doing the right thing, trust me. I was always one of those writers who wrote but was afraid to let anyone read my work because they might not like it or might judge me for its content, and that probably cost me a semi-lucrative career in writing. It's just my hope that people who read your work will in fact actually take time to leave comments, but as modders with works posted on the Nexus, we both know how that goes...

  2. "I was always one of those writers who wrote but was afraid to let anyone read my work because they might not like it or might judge me for its content,"

    *raises hand* I'm a member of that club. Pretty sure I have my card here someplace...

    Seriously. I've actually got a couple of books partially written. The largest of which consists of some 620 pages right now, and is only ~60% done. Then there's a sequel to that one that sits at about 180 pages. They're both dark fantasy. The third is a modern-day affair, and sitting at... 225? Or thereabouts.

    Have shared the occasional paragraph or two, but never let anyone read the whole piece(s). One of the reasons being that the large one is a piece where I wasn't holding myself back - I wasn't worried about "publish-ability" or any such; it's all about the story.

    And it is Messed. Up. in spots.

    I'm not so much worried about torches and pitchforks as I am about finding out that I made some big mistake and actually suck at this sort of thing...

    I've read a lot of fan and slash fic over the years since acquiring internet access, and I know that even the worst writer tends to think fairly highly of their own work.

    I like to think that at the very least, I keep the spelling and grammatical errors to a minimum - even if I do ascribe to some potentially "archaic" ideas on grammar.