Monday, September 24, 2012

Week of Madness

A couple of weeks ago, PC Gamer online published a multi-part article entitled "Skyrim: Week of Madness".

The hook was that the author would simply download and install every Skyrim mod he could; without looking at titles, reading descriptions, or checking documentation. He would then attempt to play the game, and record the ensuing wackiness.

When I saw it linked and read it, I just had to pass it on here. The whole ordeal is hilarious, well written, and reminds me strongly of the sort of thing I've run into myself (albeit on a much smaller scale) when installing overhaul mods/mod collections in previous games without enough prior research.

It is, as I said, well written and funny (I especially like the portrayal of Lydia) and I strongly recommend you take the time to read all five days if you're a fan of Gamebryo titles at all; but Skyrim especially.

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