Friday, December 5, 2014

Long Silence



I'm not dead, though some days I feel like it.

I didn't throw in the towel and tell the world to piss up a rope, either (though again, some days...).

April 7th of this year, my 65-year old Dad had a "moderately severe" stroke. He didn't die, but ended up partially paralyzed; in rehab. "Two to three months" became four; became six; became "mid-December, hopefully".

Since he hasn't been married since '95, and my younger brother is still a worthless sack of pothead shit, it fell to me: eldest son, power of attorney, executor or the will, et cetera to take on everything. Running his life, and mine, occasionally sleeping and eating, and putting in the time to keep myself from becoming single again has pretty much killed my free time.

When I do drag ass home anywhere between 2030 and 0100 every night, I'm too worn out to do much. I still game, of course (have to do something to stave off burnout of not having a day off in eight months); still trawl imageboards and forums; even steal a few hours to mod here and there... it's just that few hours to dedicate to throwing together a post that seem to elude me.

That said, I've been meaning to post for literally months; and tonight I'm in more than a bit of pain from moving a bookshelf/desk combo that I really should have unloaded first, and don't seem to have anything better to do.

Probably lost all six of my readers at this point, but what the hell.

I'll be trying to throw together a few posts in the next few days -- show off and talk a bit about all the neato stuff I've done in the last... wow, last post was in September '13? That's lazy, even for me...


  1. No, you have not lost all of your readers, Nos. I still check in to see if you (or anyone else I follow) has updated their blogs. :)

    I am sorry to hear about your Dad, and how that is turning out. That has to be rough on a level I do not understand at the moment. That could change though, as my Dad is in his mid 70's, and I have been worrying about him for a few years now. There have not been any health scares that I am aware of, but, as you know, some things just happen "out of the blue". That said, I do hope the situation improves.

    Be well!

  2. Another reader poking his nose in. :)

    Sorry to read that your dad had a stroke, and that recovery is so slow.

    I hope that all ends well, but the hauling is hard and slow. :(

  3. Casual reader popping in as well. Had to redownload NCSS for a reinstall and decided to check here and was glad to see you back after hiatus. Sorry about your dad though, but it's nice to hear you taking iniative and helping. Keep on keeping on, man.