Thursday, January 19, 2012

Reqiuem: MU

Well, looks like Megaupload is no more.

I suppose those of us who used it for legally uploading files can just go fuck ourselves.

For the time being, all the mods I've released here on the blog are apparently un-released, until I find another decent file-sharing service to upload them to. Once I have found such, I will update the relevant posts with corrected links.

Edit: and a thought just occurred, it is apparently the entire Mega* network, and not just Upload -- I just checked Druuler's comics (images hosted on Megapix) and they're inaccessible, too.

I have to wonder how many legitimate files this axed.


  1. I've personally always liked 4shared and SkyDrive. Both make upload/download super easy.

  2. I sort of figured Megapix was gone as well, but you seem to have beaten me to verifying that. Well, umm, fuck me with at chainsaw...

    Well I guess I have to redo the links on Comicville and VGU Network now. Thankfully I have all the episodes posted on DeviantArt as well. It looks like I have a bit of work to do this weekend.

  3. I've been reading around a bit today, and wow -- seems tons of people have been using MU as a sort of 'cloud' for file storage; since long before the term even existed.

    So many file backups, all just poofed...

    Anyway, look on the bright side, Druuler: at least you're not two or three hundred comics in.

  4. and Borgman:

    I'm not sure about alternates, yet. I'm not familiar with Skydrive, but I used 4shared a couple times and wasn't overly impressed.

    What I really liked about Megaupload was how friendly it was across the board. I never actually had an account with them, but nonetheless my uploaded files never expired; didn't have a maximum number of times they could be downloaded, and didn't require a membership to download. As a downloader, I liked their lack of membership requirements again, and the stupidly high daily download limit (it was up around three or four gigabytes I think -- I only managed to hit it once or twice in the better part of the decade I used the service).

    Contrast that with most services' asinine limits and it just makes it chafe all the more to use them.

  5. That's true Nos. I guess my intermittent publishing of the comic was good for something. Another bright side of this for the comic, is you will no longer have to fumble with a drop-down menu to pick image resolutions to read the silly thing ;)

  6. An alternate that I've become familiar with is
    but it does require a paid membership for really large files and to increase daily up/download limits. Though I'm beginning to wonder now how many more of these sites will soon be shut down, because any of them I can think of are associated with uploading pirated materials, including the site I listed here.

  7. Mega going the way of the do-do bird hurt me too, but I'm a firm believer in redundant redundant back-ups, so nothing permanently lost. I can only imagine the millions of legitimate/legal files and back-ups lost over this with no warning. I suppose we should get used to it if the asshats that have no idea how the interwebs work have their way and sign SOPA into law.

    oron, deposit files, rapidshare even bayfiles if you want to go that route, all almost force you to by a premium membership for larger files and have extremely (by my standards) small per day/hour downloads and limit the size and time a file will stay alive on free uploads. Opinions and reviews of file lockers below, skip if not interested.

    I've been using media fire lately and found it to be pretty decent, no wait times for downloads, and I haven't found the daily download cap yet. They seem to be moving into a more cloud based storage now. As I've really just started using it, I don't have a test file older than a week up yet.

    SkyDrive (MSN) is a cloud service. It allows you to make folders public, private or password accessible. No need for an MSN account to download, but is required for upload. I'm not really sure if there's a download limit, if there is, it's set pretty high as I just grabbed almost 5GB of backup files from my mom with no problem.

    The 4shared I've been using is set up the same way, a free account set up as a cloud server. Otherwise, if you want to use the regular service it's like any other with wait time to begin download and absurdly slow downloads at peak with a free account.

  8. Well, supposedly the straw that snapped the spine regarding MU was that it wasn't just the hosting of copyrighted content; but that the owners were actively and heavily profiting from it. There's been talking of charges of racketeering, money laundering, and some other fun stuff.

    Unofficial word is that this is retaliatory because MU took either the MPAA or RIAA (I forget which) to court over their fascist bullshit attempts to control the entire internet.

    Not that it matters much now.

    On the alternates: I'm not really sure. I've used most of the others and I'm really not a fan. Rapidshit I flat hate. Filesonic, Oron, and most others are distasteful; but tolerable if need be. My first choice for next would probably be Mediafire, since I recall it being the least obnoxious; but I also hear it's the next biggest hoster of illicit files... so I'm not sure uploading there would be a great idea.

    I'll look at Skydrive, but to be honest I have an almost knee-jerk aversion to any online service involving Microsoft. Between GFWL, MSN, and my fourteen year old Hotmail account, I've had enough exposure to them to be very wary of relying on their download service.

    I wonder if Google doesn't have something similar. Seems like they would.

  9. One would think Google would offer something like that, but I've never seen it for mass/public use.

    They do offer a business cloud feature. $5 per account.




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