Friday, February 3, 2012

Another One Bites the Dust

...or will in the near future, anyway.

Over the two years and change I've been running this blog, I've linked numerous times to screenshots or occasionally even files hosted on non-English sites; image boards, forums, blogs, and so on.

Sadly, these are dropping like whores during an outbreak of the Black Death.

One of the better ones that hosted a great many of the original Lovers series mods for Oblivion -- as well as body and armor mods, and a shit-ton of cool screenshots -- bought it at the first of this year.

I was cruising the other morning through Loda's FNV section -- a place where I've found a great many astoundingly cool armor and body mods over the years (there is also an FO3 section) -- and was dismayed to see a large block of moonrunes with the date of 3/31 prominently displayed.

I ran the block through a translator, and sure enough: Loda is going under at the end of March.

I used to peruse a Russian forum for some interesting mods; but it went down back in 2010.

The internet being what it is, free services appear and disappear regularly enough; but it's always annoying with mods. A modder or two always decides not to bother moving their work when an established venue dies; deciding instead to simply throw in the towel. Even the ones who do go to the trouble of moving and re-establishing themselves can take months to track down.

I've got my mod archives built up pretty solidly... but I have to confess not seeing any new armors or outfits from some of my favorite sources is a more bleak looking future, as far as my adventures in the nuclear wastelands go.


  1. yeah, I just noticed that myself today. If I can find out where the moon people are moving to, I'll share the info, hopefully ya'll will do likewise

  2. If they force us to upload all our mods to Steam, it's just going to get worse (Skyrim).

    For the sake of avoiding redundancy, I'm going to resist the urge to once again quote the Borg here (no, not the tennis player).

  3. Oh come on, little neko; life will be so much better if you just stop resisting and allow the ECSA to monitor every one of your game files to determine whether they're acceptable or not.

    Wouldn't want anyone playing a game in a manner other than intended by our betters, now would we?

  4. Thank you George Orwell... Now, if that was to be proper behavior, then I would have to quote Malcolm Reynolds and say that "I aim to misbehave".

    @Herculine: Thank you for helping to stamp out and abolish redundancy ;) I still say resistance is imperative though.

  5. Pfft.

    Orwell was an optimist.

  6. Now that's a scary thought o.O Might not be far off the mark though...

  7. Okay, probably not an optimist.

    But it's like Asimov. In Foundation, he had one of his experts in "psychohistory" (the prediction of the future via calculating mathematical probability) using what amounted to a glorified slide-rule to do complex calculations; because in Asimov's day, he couldn't conceive of anything like what we know as the modern personal computer -- to say nothing of smart phones and the like.

    I see Orwell as the same -- 1984 was as bleak as he could make it... but he just couldn't conceive of some of the truly scary stuff available to "big brother" today.

  8. Yeah, a modern remake of 1984 would be genuinely frightening... but only if the BBC produced it. Hollywood can't seem to handle doing remakes without totally borking it.

  9. @Herculine:

    Sounds like someone has watched both Threads and The Day After :)