Wednesday, March 28, 2012

FO3 Nexus Upgrade

Heads-up: there's been a code upgrade to the FO3 Nexus. I was checking over RR the other morning, and the comments thread wasn't attached to the file anymore. Hit my files listing and almost half of them had the same problem. I've filed a bug report, so hopefully they'll be back soon.

If you have any files on the FO3 Nexus, you might want to check it out and make sure everything is still as it should be.


  1. I just checked both my file entries (that's right, there's a whole TWO of 'em) and found the links to the comments threads to be in working order. For RR Companion Vault, however, I could only view the endorsements.

    I smells me a conspiracy...

  2. I'm normally paranoid as anyone; but that 'bug thread' they set up is just full of problems -- several of which are... what was that term Buddah used? "Orphaned" comment threads.

  3. Plus, I'm not nearly important enough to warrant a conspiracy against me.