Monday, March 12, 2012

NosCo NV Weapons Collection, Upcoming

I mentioned in my last post I got a fair bit of work in lately on the NosCo NV Weapons Collection.

I found myself wanting to get a few of the weapons into my game awhile back, but I don't like those gimme "test containers" for anything other than... well, tests.

So, I set about creating the sales office.

It... kind of got away from me.

I mean to create a simple store; much like most others in the game.

What I ended up with was a three-level complex, kept open 24/7 by a staff of ten NPCs.

Top floor is living quarters; ground floor is the sales office; and the bottom floor is storage and work-rooms.

I'm still refining... and the lighting definitely needs work (I don't think I've ever managed to get a cell lit correctly on the first try); but some of it is decent enough to show off.

Like any good retail outlet, the NosCo Weapons Division sets up displays:

Weapons are displayed not only on the two islands, but along the counter behind which the weapon vendors work; as well as on window displays. Ammunition and miscellanea are displayed on their sales counters.

Ammo and miscellaneous goods are steal-able, but weapons are all simple statics that can not be taken. I did this for two reasons: 1) it makes the havok behavior much less annoying in the cell, and 2) I like screwing with people.

While steal-able, I would not personally recommend trying to swipe anything off the counters, since there is a minimum of one guard stationed in the sales room at all times -- a second patrols the entire complex, and may or may not be in the sales room at any given time.

The four of you who downloaded the alpha release of the mod may recall that it automatically activated all Caliber ammo types that the mod uses -- which is pretty much all of them. In the interests of keeping vendor and loot lists less cluttered with crap you won't use, I've disabled that script and replaced it with a terminal that you see above. The terminal allows you to activate only the ammo types that you intend to use -- or the ones that you want to be able to loot/buy, at least.

You can also see the sniper rifle window display there behind Natasha.

A new feature that the store has that I haven't seen in another mod before (though I'm sure someone has made before) is a working Nuka Cola machine. I don't mean loot-able; I mean working.

When activated, you get a buy interface:

The final version will have a cancel option to get out of the menu without purchasing; I just didn't add one because I remembered menus I had created before getting one automatically. Apparently not.

On selection, the caps are taken from you automatically, and the bottle of your choice added in their place. Prices are full value; you get no barter bonus. It's a vending machine -- be prepared to pay for the convenience. On the up side, it's also an endless supplier if you have need of a ton of them for whatever reason.

Should you attempt purchase without at least twenty caps in your inventory to cover a basic Nuka Cola...

Yes, I'm an asshole. No news there.

Sadly, large portions of the complex aren't fit to show off, owing to the poorly balanced lighting; but here's some of the living area upstairs:

These were taken after 2200; when the lights are scripted to go out upstairs. Unfortunately, the game really, really doesn't like that script; so it's going to have to go. I suppose they'll just have to live with it being lit all the time.

Stupid game, always stifling my genius...

Opposite that dining table is a full kitchen suite, including a booze-bar with a set of beer taps. I may not drink anymore, but I still know how to keep minions loyal.

There are also bathrooms on the top floor, and in the basement; the one upstairs has full bathing facilities.

Items will be sold by six merchants; two each for ammo, reloading components, and weapons -- one of the two on-duty in the sales room at any given time. There are four guards; two who patrol, and two who sit static in the sales room -- again, one of the two on duty at any given time.

NPCs off duty will live; eat, sleep, use idle markers, use furniture, work in the work room, even sweep the floor.

Crimes are set to be tracked and reacted to by the guards; and all sales staff are armed, to boot. No bullshit level 100 guards; but they're nonetheless well armed and wearing solid armor. They will also be receiving variants of my special combat styles. It's possible to knock the place over, and loot it... but I don't think it would be worth the bloodbath -- seeing as most of the "ammo cans" are static and not activate-able.

Reloading benches, and work benches down in the basement are usable by the player. The complex can be wandered freely; just don't get caught taking anything.

I've also rebalanced some optic powers. The closer range variants of the Marksman Carbine (458 SOCOM, most pistol calibers) have gotten a reduction in magnification. I'm shooting for about 1.5x - 2x; to make for fast shooting accuracy on close-in targets that may be moving.

Also: as of this time, none of the NosCo weapons are moddable; and the Gunfighter series does not have their swappable cylinder scripts in place, yet. I wanted to get the store up and running before delving into finer details like that.

The NosCo Weapons Division sales office is located near New Vegas; due south of the eastern entrance to the Crimson Caravan compound. There will be a map marker.

With the normal map issue worked out for the NosCo Super Blackhawk, I'm toying with the idea of adding it to the mod and using it as the basis for the Gunfighter series; rather than that shoddy looking base-game 357 revolver. It also appears that Ranger Sequoia does not use a scope judging by the statics I was looking at earlier. If that is the case, I'd like to retexture it, and use it as the basis for the bigger hunting revolvers in the mod; since I personally don't like scoped handguns.


  1. I like the looks of it so far (and I love the "Get a job, Hippy" message).

    I just have one question (and I apologize if the answer has already been clearly stated somewhere and I've read it and since forgotten): will the NosCo NV Weapons Collection require the CALIBR mod?

  2. Actually, CALIBR never got ported to FONV. The new one is Caliber; by a different guy.

    But yes, it'll be required. Since the weapons are just edited vanillas at the moment, there wouldn't be a lot of point, otherwise.

    Thankfully, Caliber (and the subvariant I use, CaliberX) are fairly stable and unobtrusive. The new terminal should let you use just the ammo you need without having to take all the others, too.

  3. I like the look and sound of this so far Nos. Having the terminal to add in just what you want for ammunition types is a good idea. This should make a nice addition to my load order once you release it.

    I am glad I didn't have a mouthful of tea when I read the "Get a job, Hippy" message, as I think I laughed hard enough I would have sprayed my monitor.