Friday, October 16, 2009

Driven Up the Wall

Right fucking up it, I tell you!

Can Nvidia not put out working fucking drivers anymore?

Shit. Installed 190.38 a few months ago, to ostensibly "improve performance" with FO3.

It doesn't.

Not only does it not, but every other time I restarted the computer, Nvidia's invasive, pain in the ass of a control panel helpfully reset my desktop resolution to 800x600 and randomly reordered my icons.

Tonight, after FO3 wouldn't start because the driver had b0rked AGAIN, I had enough and updated to 191.07

Now I can't play FO3 for more than ten minutes before my framerate drops from a low-but-playable 25 to one frame every third second.

The shit's unplayable.

Going to try one set of "fixes" someone posted in a forum, and then I'm rolling the fuck back to 186.18

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