Saturday, October 3, 2009

RR Vault Updates

Still working, but people keep distracting me.

Wasted two days on converting my tracking system to an inventory item driven menu, rather than a terminal. It just isn't working. I've got it narrowed down to a couple last ideas that might work, but menus like this just weren't made to drive quest stages. So it's on the back burner for now, while I finish up work on things that will actually work.

Had to pull several occlusion planes, since they conflicted with the windows that were for some reason added to RR Refurbished all over the bleedin' vault.

I'm officially "on the team" for the base mod. I have to be aware of how my improvements will effect other mods, you see.

Not happy about this shit in the least, but I only had to pull four or five planes, and Refurbished is so overloaded with crap that the planes didn't help that much, anyway.

Copied the removed planes over to my Redecorated Mod, so users of it will at least derive the full benefit. Should help offset all the pictures I hung up.

Think I'm going to write in some AI mods, and finish off that sleep dialog, and then call it good for awhile.

I'm really getting a hankerin' to work on the Girls again, and see if we can't get some advanced features going there.

I've really let myself take on too much, haven't I?

Oh, well. S'not like I've got jack nor shit else to do, these days.

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