Monday, October 19, 2009

Vault 1 Redecoration Project, v2 WIP

So, I know some of you aren't thrilled with the new pictures I hung up in the vault.

Well, to tell you the truth, neither am I.

It breaks up the gray... but seems too teenage.

So, as part of the next version, I took them down.

It isn't ready for upload by a long shot... but I wanted to post up some initial shots and show off what I've got thus far, I think it's a serious improvement.

You can see here the new bedroom under the reduced - or as I call it: non-blinding - lighting. Black and white marble tile, marble pillars. Added some ceiling tiles, and raised the vault lighting emplacements so that they sit below flush.

The walls are going to get a workover too, I just haven't decided which textures to use.

Here, I kicked the lighting back up to show off detail better. Got rid of the ammo cans, and set the lockers into the walls, to increase floor space. Added a second Enclave locker. I liked the ammo cans... but they seemed a tad redundant, now that the Vault 1 supply system is in place. May as well store ammo in the guard house communal container, or in the armory.

This is the back wall of the museum. I removed all the weapon display cases, and added new ones set into the wall. The top ones can be a bit tricky to put weapons into, but it worked fine for me.

You'll also notice I redid the wall. Most of the others will get a similar treatment. Some just don't fit right, and will have to stay Vault walls.

Here's the new marble tile that's going to cover the museum floor. You can see I've got some serious clipping and alignment issues yet to deal with.

That part takes forever, and is annoying, to boot.

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