Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Links Repaired

As everyone's favorite Neko mentioned to me this morning, I've been slacking again and didn't keep up the links here on the blog.

A while back as part of their plan of whatever the hell it is they're doing over there, the Nexus changed all their URLs; rendering old links and bookmarks invalid.

Most other old links (TES, FO3) still work; but for some reason none of the NVNexus links did.

I suppose this is one of the things I'd have known beforehand if I read those news blurbs.

I had completely forgotten about the NCCS link here on the blog, and it was apparently dead. So, reminded, I went through and updated the link (and tested it). Just to be safe, I updated all the FO3 links too -- they still worked for me, but who knows for how long.

All should be working again; but feel free to shoot me an email if anyone notices one that I missed.

Edited to add:

In updating the "must haves" list for FO3, I see that 20th Century Weapons is finally off the moderated list. It's now gone completely. So, I just went ahead and removed the link.


  1. Don't feel to bad about being lost in regards to what the hell was going on with the Nexus: I had no idea either. Maybe they should be reporting things like this a little better (read: in BIG flashing letters).

  2. I'm almost tempted to not fix any of my faulty links. It's not our fault that some website wanker decided to suddenly change stuff that didn't need to be changed. But, for the sake of whatever posterity might follow us, I'll likely get around to fixing them all at some point.

  3. I'd probably have remembered to fix them before, but honestly it never occurred to me that anyone actually used the links here on the blog more than once -- I always figured everyone used the tracking list or something.

  4. Tracking list...oh, yeah, that thing! XD Now that you mention it, I need to do some "pruning" with mine. There has gotten to be quite a bit of useless listings in mine. :/