Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm Sorry

I know, I said I wasn't going to bitch about stupid people anymore. It accomplishes little, and just starts drama... but goddamn it, guys...

I'm not sure which group is worse: the players who can't read or navigate a web site; or the Bethsoft employee who's too lazy to add NV links to the GECK wiki.

Today marks almost a dozen players reporting some form of "problem" with NCCS that ended up relating to the NVGECK/Game 1.3 update (or more specifically: not having them) -- just in the last two weeks. We're averaging one every other day now; combined from comment and PM sources.

Herculine and NeilUK02 have valiantly tried to step in and help these people while I've been in dick mode and largely ignoring the Nexii... but the latest few are even ignoring posts with the proper links when they're specifically pointed out.

As such, I've edited the NCCS file description, to add a notice and hotlink right under the NosCo banner; along with a notice not to report problems until both game and GECK have been updated.

Yes, I linked to the EULA page and not the file direct. I'm not up for being sued for trying to subvert their legalese, thanks.

Now look, I'll grant that Bethsoft's Fallout site is not the most intuitive around... but five minutes of clicky clicky on links that look like they might have something to do with the NVGECK will turn up the file. Beyond that, a ten second internet search for "New Vegas GECK 1.3" turns it up. Seriously. The first post in the first result had a link. I also see hits from Nexus news posts, Yahoo answers, the Wolflore forum, Steam's forums... it's not like the file is being secreted away somewhere.

Unlike the toolset for Dragon Age, Bethsoft really isn't screwing us over on GECK availability.

So please, I implore you: for the love of all that's unholy, update your damned games and toolsets before crying foul and reporting "issues" with a mod -- be it mine or someone else's. Us modders aren't psychic. We don't know that you hate the establishment and so never update your games but still expect all mods to work.

Edit: and apparently Bethsoft has now released an NVGECK 1.4, and not bothered to tell anyone or update the main site.

You fuckers at Bethsoft aren't making this easy for anyone, you know that?


  1. Yet another new GECK, likely to prepare for the impending new patch. At least they released the toolset update first this time...

  2. I tell ya, I'm about this close to just hanging it up; and officially suspending all public modding.

    FNV has just been a clusterfuck from one end to the other.

  3. Doesn't sound good for bloodpressure, stress in general, or one's sanity. I had noticed the corrected link being posted on the NCCS thread, thanks to NeilUK, and Herculine pointing it out, and still there being "how do I find it?" questions. After the third one, I wanted to start screaming myself, and I don't even have to deal with it >.< Given some of my recent mistakes with posted links I figure I'm not sharpest knife in the drawr some days, but some people just don't understand the concept of reading to find answers.

  4. Fallout 3 never had this many patches and GECKs, did it?

  5. Umm, that should be "drawer". *facepalms*

  6. The last patch for FO3 was 1.7. I'm not sure about the GECK, but I think there was at least one update.

  7. Sorry to be spamming...the last GECK was ver.

  8. FO3 had six or seven patches, yes... however each and every one of them did not break all mods.

    There were two versions of the FO3 GECK, as I recall -- the original and the 1.5 update.

    Most FO3 patches were simply DLC compatibility makers. Only two or three were made for the express purpose of unfucking the game itself.

    It's almost to the point that you should just not touch one of these games until it's been out a year; and then it's safe to play and mod.

  9. You know, I have to wonder how many of these people are running cracked versions that they can't update until the new cracks propagate.

    Hoist by their own petards and then they take it out on other people.

    Either that, or they're too stupid to realise that cracked versions don't autoupdate...

  10. And all the patches aside, there are the staggering number of fatal flaws in the game as it shipped that they still haven't fixed.

    The game has just been poorly handled, plain and simple.

  11. "You know, I have to wonder how many of these people are running cracked versions that they can't update until the new cracks propagate."

    Also entirely possible.