Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Insert Wittiness Here

Finally got my FNV and NVGECK updated.

Now, I get to spend several mind numbingly boring hours testing every facet of NCCS I can think of; only to find out in a week and a half that I completely missed some minor detail and it no longer works -- or the new engine version has introduced a bug when combined with (insert name of badly written, half-assedly tested mod here). All just so Bethsoft can release another patch to go with the next DLC, and this crap can start all over.

What's that you say? My personal companions don't run on NCCS, so I can't even use them for the tests? I have to enable an NCCS plugin, track down another companion, and equip them; then begin testing?

Thank you. I had almost managed to forget that. Allow me to thank you for reminding me by granting you a NosCo knighthood. Kneel over there.

...What? I know it looks funny, but I assure you this double-chainsaw I stole from Herculine's stash is too how you knight someone. Now hold still. You folks in the front row may want to get your tarps handy...


  1. Sounds like Gallagher meets Leatherface...

  2. Lol! I agree with Herculine!

  3. Hm.

    I just had a great idea.

    Gallagher as torture.

    No, not watching him. Gallagher was great, you philistine dogs!

    You tie someone to a chair, then burst into the room with a sledgehammer.

    "Does everyone know what time it is? SLEDGE-O-MATIC!"

    ...What? Oh sure, like I'm the only person that gets bored and lets a random thought run its course...

  4. Or, if you're not into Gallagher it could have been a Bloodlines reference. On first entering Downtown the first time, you get jumped by three Sabbat; after knocking you down and before beginning the curbstomp party, the leader looks back at the camera:

    "Those of you sitting in the first few rows will get wet..."

    Of course, I'm pretty sure they were making a reference to Gallagher anyway... so y'know.

  5. meh *bashes Nos over the head with a shovel and performs a Sabbat burial*

  6. Lol!
    @DarkSong: I think you might need to ammend that with "again".

  7. @Darksong:

    Well that's just not nice.

  8. why, you don't wanna join the Sabbat? :D

  9. Hell no.

    I'm a fan of the Stoker-ian vampire. Vampires should be powerful, alluring, and subtle; willing to spend literal ages bringing their overly convoluted schemes to fruition.

    They should not be sparkly fairies, but nor should they be psychotic animals.

    That said, I did also like the Moonlight breed of vampire. Seventeen different series of that CSI garbage, but we don't even get one complete season of the shows that are actually good... bastards.

  10. Like video games or anything else in the world that is produced for profit, television shows are created to satisfy the masses.

    Unfortunately for the rest of us, the masses are idiots.

    But you already knew that, so I'll just be going now...