Saturday, July 30, 2011

Out Of Touch

Finally firing up FNV this morning (yes, I'm that bored), and updating some plugins to reflect the two or three game versions it's been since I played.

Remembered at the last second that my NVSE is probably not gonna run, either; so I went to grab a new version.

Latest version? Beta 2 version 9. My Installed version? Beta 1 version 10.

Yeah, I might be a little behind the curve, these days...

Let's just hope my Capitalism mod still works. That thing was a pain in the ass to make, what with all the leveled lists I had to edit. Not looking forward to redoing that one.


  1. Given how much grief that your public mods have been giving you recently, I can understand why you might not have even wanted to see F:NV on your system, let alone want to keep everything updated.

  2. I like the game okay -- it's the community I'm disgusted with in general.

    Between the people who mistake me for their personal mod-slave, the ones who won't read the fucking manual, and the ones who mess with my scripts and blame me when it doesn't work... I'm just not much keen on releasing anything new at the moment.