Monday, December 12, 2011

Could Somebody Make This Mod For Me?

I'm posting this here rather than on my own gaming blog because this is one of Nos' pet peeves (to put it mildly) though it is now becoming one of my own as well.

THIS is this person's first post on the Nexus Forums, ever, and it's a request to not only make a companion character for him, but to rip dialog from a movie for the companion's voice. He's wanting Short Round, the boy sidekick from the movie Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom. And if that's not enough, he wants it for SKYRIM.

Does this guy honestly believe that someone is going to volunteer to do this for him? Seriously? A custom companion with custom sound files that likely will only be used by this one player? Sure, I think I've got the time and motivation to do it... NOT! Obviously he has no clue what it would take to do this; if he did I'd hope he wouldn't have the stones to post the request in the first place.

What are these people thinking? Do they think the modding community is here to serve as their personal lackeys? Perhaps the issue is that they're not thinking at all.

Here's my stance on this issue: if you want a mod made, particularly one that is so far out in left field that you're likely to be the only person to ever use it, then learn how to use game editing tools and get to work. None of us are going to do it for you.


  1. *facepalm* Ow, my brain... *sigh* Serves me right for actually reading the post >.<

    I guess I should not become overly proficient at mod making myself, at least publicly. One of the last things I'll want to see is a request along those lines.

  2. It wouldn't bother me so much if it was someone asking: "Could someone please help me learn how to make this mod?" rather than: "Could someone do all the work on this mod for me?"

  3. Hang on while I whip out the 'ol checklist...

    Personal mod request -- IE: one that if completed will not be of interest to hardly anyone else in the community: check.

    Request for in-depth facegen work of duplicating a real person that will take for fucking ever: check.

    Special character should use special weapon; one for which no analog exists in the base game: check.

    Request for character to violate dozens of US and international copyright laws by directly ripping sounds from a movie; thus ensuring it can never see upload on the Nexus, and will probably get the author sued: check.

    Yep, looks like a Grade-A Numbah One entitled asshat to me.

    As I've ranted before, I've personally received (via PM) dozens of such requests. My favorite is a tie between the guy who wanted me to rewrite the RR Companions Vault to be a "plug in" for RTS, and the guy who wanted me to port Enclave Commander to NV; saying that I was his favorite modder and the most skilled one he knew... except for those previous five guys who agreed to take on the project before and welched on it later...

    Any more, I'm prone to just ignoring mod requests unless it comes from someone who has the decency to at least talk to me before begging for shit.