Wednesday, December 28, 2011


So... long(er) time readers of my "petty ranting" here may recall near a year ago when the author of some shitty house mod in New Vegas (sorry, can't remember the exact title) seriously maligned NCCS, claiming all the dialogue problems with his mod were my fault.

This was before my new policy of repressing my anti-social tendencies, and I did not react well.

Aside from some whiny comments here and there about me being a big meaniehead, I never heard any more about it...

...Until today.

Someone posted a new comment, alleging that my petty ranting or whatever caused the mod to get pulled outright.

I don't remember doing that, but hey; it's not a power I'd say no to...

Once again: I could have handled it better, I suppose.

Still, it ain't often I get blamed for something good. This week may be lookin' up!


  1. Lol! I just read that post all the way through (I forgot there was a change in avatars in the last several months) and I just had to shake my head, facepalm and laugh all at the same time!

    You might have been able to handle it better, but I don't honestly know how. From what I read of your rant, it was concise, factual, and you refrained from language and phrasing that would have gotten you banned. The fact that a poorly constructed mod was removed from the Nexus database may or may not be a plus (depending upon one's viewpoint), but since it improved your day, I'll list it in the good thing column.

    On that note, Happy Holidays :D

  2. Wait just a motherlovin' minute here; is someone actually claiming that comments typed here nigh a year ago are somehow responsible for that mod getting pulled in the present?

    ...and they called me delusional...

  3. Yeah, the whole "but it's a year later..." thing occurred to me, too; I was just in a hurry typing before I hit the shower.

    Still, wouldn't that be a cool superpower?

    I post unkind comments here, and the subjects of said comments remove their mods in shame...

    Imagine it: a world with no God saves uploaded as legitimate mods; no nuke-miniguns or nuke-shotguns; no random .dll files uploaded as "mods" with no documentation whatsoever.

    *sniff* It's such a beautiful vision, I must have head trauma...

  4. lol, been a while since I've read here. fading community interest for FNV, no tools for Skyrim yet, SWTOR eating my soul, and those maniacs finally released Katawa Shoujo ^_^

    The real reason why that housing mod disappeared, is because some well-meaning users tried to petition the nexus staff to unban a modder, 2pac4eva7. and the resulting feedback from that, for whatever reason, caused ALL mods that had him as the uploader to get nuked from that site.