Thursday, December 1, 2011

Or Not

"Creation Kit — Beginning in January, PC players will be able to download the same development tools we used at Bethesda Game Studios to create Skyrim."

So much for December third. Is anyone surprised at this point? Well, at least it can't get much worse...

"We’re excited to share news that we’ve been working closely with Valve to integrate Steam Workshop into the Creation Kit."

Great. So now I'm going to have to put up with Steam in my fucking mod tools, too? You're not making any friends with this bullshit, Bethsoft.

First the anti-patch, and now DRM crammed into the mod tools? This is depressing. I'm gonna go load ammo or something -- at least RCBS can't "patch" my Goddamned Rockchucker...


  1. Mmm, spyware and a way to automatically break people's installs with automatic downloads (no way it'll have bash's install order control).

    From the undertones, it sounds like the start of an attempt to get money from mods. It'll be interesting to see what the EULA says.




  3. Y'know Neko, I'd bitch in your general direction about that not being funny... but it's the same vibe I'm getting so I can only assume your comments were not completely flippant in nature.

    I wouldn't mind as much, except that you can't just activate something with Steam and that be that. It has to constantly run in the background, and the program can't be run without Steam active...

    And again: were Steam just to run the games that would be one thing; but it ain't -- it's news and "friends" and "community" and a traffic monitor... whoops, did I say traffic monitor? I meant happy-fun-time-game-enhancer; because monitoring everything you do with your internet connection would be illegal and all...

  4. I have to admit I'm surprised at how many companies are putting themselves at Valves mercy like this. Of course, long term planning has never been the strong suit of publicly traded corporations.

    Then again, Valve is a private company...

  5. It's the "no piracy" lure.

    Of course, it's a complete crock -- it usually takes less than two hours for crackers to do away with a Steam game's "encryption" -- but apparently Valve talks a hell of a game.

    Me? I just want to be able to play shit I payed money for without having to ask permission first. Apparently that's too damned much to ask anymore, though.

  6. Same here. I've been avoiding steam stuff as much as possible for just that reason (hence 150+ GOG games argh!)

  7. I find it disturbing to see people happy about Steam being included as part of the mod tools. You want to be able to upload to the Steam Workshop? Then do it via your Steam account, not through the CK. Oh wait, I forgot that kids these days are much lazier than their parents were, and have to have everything done in as few steps a possible. Including spelling... >.<

  8. My comments were indeed only partially flippant. It might not seem like such a big deal now ("it was just video games", they'll say) but everybody of all ages already has hardware practically permanently attached to their faces and things like Steam IMHO are fine examples of mankind creating the tools of its own undoing. I like computers and games, sure, but I can't help but feel the looming shadow of SkyBorgMatrixNet over my shoulder. Someone will say I've watched too much science fiction, but then they always make fun of the nut with the doomsday sign, don't they?

  9. It's not Skynet I worry about -- it's the corporate executives and politicians who run these "spy on everything you do" initiatives.

    Computers are just machines; tools. The people who want to log everything I do from rise to rest so they can sell the data to marketing firms... that worries me. The people who want to control every aspect of how I view and interact with media I already own; they worry me.

    Compared to them, Skynet's just a glorified Unreal Tournament bot with delusions of grandeur.

    Though I am going to laugh my fucking ass off in ten years when they find out the hard way that having a smartphone against your head sixteen hours a day causes cancer. It's already started cropping up from Wi-Fi -- apparently strong EM fields do not do kind things to the human body over long term.

  10. I don't make fun of the doomsday nuts. I usually complain to them that they are not trying hard enough to make it happen... *grumble*

  11. Yeah, it makes me a trifle nervous too.... It might even be started with the best of intentions, but that is no guarantee that it will stay that way.

    I have now played more hours of Skyrim than I have of New Vegas.

    Things that I like include the crafting of weapons and armor - I would love to see that expanded.

    On the downside, I liked the spell creation and magic item creation better in Oblivion.

    But one of my biggest problems is an immersion problem - literally. The rivers are all too shallow....