Friday, December 16, 2011

New Terminology

Reading around the internetz this mornin', happened across a new term: "Skyrimmer"; referencing, of course, people who play Skyrim.

Now, rather than add this to the 'ol mental lexicon for future attempts to appear edgy and cool, I just sat and giggled.

Maybe I've been around the darker side of the 'net too long now, but whenever I say or type the word 'Skyrimmer' I can't help but think it actually refers to a particularly intimate act engaged in by two (or hell, more -- it is the twenty-first century and all... I suppose it could be a group activity...) overly adventurous people whilst sky-diving.

Think about it a minute, you'll get it. And yes, I am that mentally warped, thanks for asking.

...I have to go now; I'm having too much difficulty repressing the urge to make more dirty jokes...


  1. And just to show how lazy I can get, I'll just use the term 'Rimmer and get on with my day (no, I didn't put it in quotation marks on purpose, in case you was wunderin').

    I was actually thinking along similar lines as you were Nos, I was just thinking along more grounded activities, but now that I think of it, it could be done whilst skydiving.

  2. LOL again.

    I just noticed that there is a member on the Nexus calling himself "Luke Skyrimmer". Clever, that.

  3. Until one of the mods notices and he gets b&, anyway.

  4. Why would that be ban-able?

    But then, I thought they were wrong for banning a user with the name "BunnyPoopCereal". Sure, not a wise breakfast choice, but I didn't think it was so offensive as to deserve a full ban. I sent a PM to the banning moderator stating just that, but of course I never received a reply...

  5. "Why would that be ban-able?"

    Well, I would assume it depends on the mentality of the moderators.

    If they take "Skyrimmer" as a reference to Skyrim only, then sure, it'll probably stand; but if they don't...

  6. We will just have to wait and see. Keep in mind, they haven't banned me for my name, and I picked it because I am a bit of a perv ;)

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  8. Too funny. Luke Skyrimmer....It is clever, but I won't be able to keep myself from giggling now when I see it. I'll wonder what he/she/it was thinking. Love the work you're doing on your mod, Nos. Can't wait to try it. Using Willow right now and it's too much fun having sex with her (I'm playing a hot slut "skyrimming" my way across the Mojave) to remove her. I don't wanna break anything when I try your mod. Cheers.

    Sorry, forgot to include Herculine in my praise of your mod. You too, Herculine. There.