Monday, July 9, 2012

Advances, Again

So... the universe is conspiring to kill me again today; which prevents me from sleeping. As such, I have continued my modding of Skyrim, while I decide what to do with FNV -- and whether to bother telling anyone when I do it.

Firstly, I got Em-Jole working:

Turns out it was a voice issue. I had left it set to copy the original's, and the original Mjoll uses a voice that isn't valid for companions. Shame, as none of the valid ones have that accent that is so a part of her character. A switch of voices later, and she works fine.

You can see there the Grimsever Clone I have her start with; created mainly because I was bored that night.

While tinkering deep in my textures folder, I found that I had indeed installed an "improved" lip tintmask set. Deleted that, and lo' and behold! Lip colorations reappeared on NPCs. Annoyingly, I had to re-export all the facegen texture sets to get the NPCs to show the new colored lips in-game -- apparently the texture generated by the SuCK is exactly what you see in the preview window, regardless of what the actual settings are -- but once that was done, it was a marked improvement:

I had to take the extra of Maeva. I just love those sidelong glances she's always giving me. I can just hear her...

"What the hell are you doing over there...?"

The base game's lip mask isn't as sharp or precisely rendered as the replacer I had installed... but it works; which is more than I can say for the one I deleted.

Also reworked the non-clone 'lesser' companions a bit. Farun got red lipstick, Katheryn got black. Skadi got a lighter red intended to look natural and not cosmetic; and Raven similarly got a medium-blue that looked like a natural lip coloring to go with her skin tone.

No screenshots at the moment, as they were naked at the time (set to no default outfit to keep them from refusing to equip what I give them) and I was too lazy to have them follow me to get armor to equip for SFW screens. I'll get around to it eventually.


  1. SFW? WTF? LOL...

    Maeva looks good with the lipstick; it enhances that unique expression she has that's an uncanny cross between a brooding pout and a demonic glare.

  2. "SFW? WTF? LOL..."

    What? I do try to keep this from turning into a Gamebryo cheesecake pr0n blog. I'd probably get more viewers if I did that, though...

    Although if I was going to go that route, Maeva would be the way to go. That custom body I've got her set up with... Damn.

    Anyway, Maeva says of course she's always partially pouting: she has to put up with a lot of bullshit these days.

  3. The makeup does make a marked difference in how your lasses look. To me though, it seems to detract from Maeve's look of intimidation, but I am sure that would change if she just made the slightest alteration in her expression.

    1. Maeva's always had black lips, dating back to her original video game incarnation in 2007. It didn't show up in Oblivion, FO3, or NV because I cannot into airbrushing in the GIMP; and the textures I've found from others didn't wrap onto the mesh correctly and looked bad.

      Can't comment on the intimidation, as her player is currently in the middle of a personality revamp; but I'll tell you watching her one-shot a Draugr Death Lord doesn't make the big demon seem like a pushover.

    2. Don't make her wouldn't like her when she's angry ;)