Saturday, July 28, 2012

On Screenshots

Also: I've been meaning to announce that my Picasa account is getting pretty full. It's occurred to me that I have a lot of useless shots and pictures that I uploaded but never did anything with, or that belong to mods that ended up getting trashed, or were taken in support of now forgotten arguments.

So, pretty soon I'm going to start purging the account of older shots; non-current versions of companions; defunct mods, and so on.

Can't promise what will be kept, so if there was anything in there you wanted for some incomprehensible reason, now would be a good time to save it. I'll probably begin cleaning it out in a week or so -- sooner if I happen to get transcendentally bored during the week.


  1. I should probably look this up myself, but since you mentioned it...

    ...what exactly is the Picasa account limit? I doubt that I'm anywhere near it, whatever it might be, but still...

    1. Mine says 1024mb.

      At minimum compression, 1024x768 screenshots were taking up anywhere between 700kb and 1.1mb.

      Still takes a lot of them to eat it all; but I haven't cleaned the thing out... ever; going back to '09 when I started using it. Most of the screenshots from back then are pretty worthless anyway, so I figured why let them eat space?

  2. That must be a fairly large number of images in there Nos. If I remember to do so, I shall make a sweep of your collection. I never really know what might catch my fancy, other than Maeva of course. Not sure why though, might be her eyes... O.o