Saturday, July 28, 2012

Now I Remember

So, trying to play FO3 this afternoon; get my companions mod lined out so I can tackle the other set of saves and see whether the Nos' Adventures game is recoverable.

I've gotten in around an hour of play, had four random crashes... and now the game won't let me back out of my Springvale "Survivalist House" into the wasteland.

I am now forcibly reminded why I hated FO3 with a passion and was quick to jump ship to NV, never looking back.

And, to top things off the categorized containers that I've gotten such wonderful utility out of in Oblivion and FNV? Yeah, they don't work at all. FO3 won't let me remote-activate a container at all, whether it's in the same cell as me or not. As well, the 'stay close' option that I've been using in NV to keep one of the girls with me during combat while the other two roam free? It doesn't work either. Apparently, the "continue during combat" flag is just there for decoration. Either that, or the game is refusing to allow any updates to the plugin without clean saving first; which gets real old real quick.

Wonder if anyone would notice if I spiked what's left of my Rockstar with Stolichnaya...


  1. Ah, I do seem to remember plugin stuff getting stuck in saves, making changes appear non-existent. Wish I had a solution, but I only know like 001% of what you know about this stuff.

    Now, ask me how to make a Baron of Hell throw ten different kinds of projectiles and I could tell you ten different ways to do it...

    1. It's okay, I wasn't expecting someone to offer a solution -- mainly just venting.

      As far as I know, there is no solution. The perpetually, constantly dirtying saves is an engine thing. No fix I've ever heard of.

      Since it won't let me back out into the wastes, my only choice is to trash the saves, really.

      Cleaning may or may not fix the issues with the containers and packages. I never tried working with these while I was doing RR; so I don't know whether they actually work in that version of the engine even under nominal conditions.

  2. Yeah, I have noticed FO3s habit of not letting go of mod information as well. Things like Project: Beauty still overwriting NPCs when shut off, and the Terminators from Terminator: Cybernetic Dawn still running loose when that is shut off. That said, I have always found FO3 to be more stable than FNV, but I don't expect that for everyone.

    1. FO3 is technically more stable in that under ideal conditions it crashes less; but it's also way less tolerant of changes to load order and mods in general.

      I couldn't even venture a guess at how many sets of saves got eaten in the process of working on RR.

      Save cleaning can sometimes help, but the saves seem to corrupt ridiculously easy sometimes, depending on what kind of mods you've been running.

      Since I made an edit to my load order the other day to correct a couple masters, and fixed a couple plugin headers, I was expecting these saves to die here shortly anyway. Had to be done; I was just hoping to luck out and the saves stay playable awhile longer.