Thursday, November 22, 2012

Another Milestone

Okay; maybe not a big, notable one.

I was messing around with my companions plugin the other night, converting it to a master to check out some script changes I had made; when I noticed this in TESSnip:

For those of you who aren't used to reading esp headers, I'll point out the important bit: seven thousand and eighty four records in the plugin. The last time I mentioned how big the plugin was getting was back in May; when it stood at 5789 records -- that means that in the last six months and a week or so, I've added one thousand, two hundred and ninety-five new records to the plugin.

For reference, v5.65 of the RR Companions Vault -- considered by many to be a fairly big mod -- has 5820 records.

So yeah... I think that whole "smaller, sleeker system to run my personal companions" crap has gone right out the window at this point.

On the up side, though: the mod, big as it is, still maintains a zero conflict rate; and is extremely reliable as long as I'm not trying to get it to do something the engine doesn't like.


  1. Too bad other modders don't follow your example on the zero conflict rate...

    1. Depends largely on what you want to do. Sometimes, overrides and potential conflicts are inevitable. I go to great lengths to make sure as much is clean as possible -- even if it means more work on my part. Sometimes, though you just gotta accept that some problems may arise if people run certain mods together.

      I'm actually probably going to break my zero conflict potential policy soon with it anyway -- I want to set it up so that the girls get stripped of all non-holdout weapons on entering a casino just like the vanilla followers do. I remember looking over the script before, and it didn't look hard to implement; I've just never gotten around to it.

    2. I can just imagine the sorts of things they'd say once that's implemented.

    3. "I can just imagine the sorts of things they'd say once that's implemented."

      If you mean the girls, you have a strong point.

      Aside from rampant laziness, one of the things that's kept me from implementing that code is that for the life of me I can not imagine them taking an "accidental" feel-up during a pat-down without immediate bloodshed ensuing.

      That, and I can just imagine the door guard stammering and backing away when Maeva just looks down at him and growls. Fangs, horns, a spade tail, and glowing eyes on an obviously aggressive 6'6 non-human would do that to most people, right? (I find her cute, so I can't really say)