Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Little Help?

Okay, I know the last mod request I posted didn't get me anywhere, but I'm hoping this one is less esoteric enough that one of you guys might actually have/know where to get it.

As I mentioned in comments to the screenshot dump post last week, I'm learning to make my own normals for several reasons.

Since my flighty damned brain can never leave well enough alone, I got sidetracked this afternoon into looking around at some of my Type 3 textures with the possible intention of making a few normals for them, too -- maybe fix an issue I've had with T3F for awhile now but never mentioned because it would require screenshot-illustration to properly explain and... y'know... nudity and all.


I was thinking of updating Maeva's custom resources. She's always been intended to be... I'm not sure how best to describe it. Not squishy; but not a body builder type, either. Lean-hard-body, maybe?

For whatever reason, my steel colander of a brain decided at random while I was thinking about it to put two and two together and remember that there was a Type 3 revision that was exactly that -- muscled, but not grotesque like most "muscle bodies" are.

I remember it being named "fitness" something. Type 3 Fitness Body? Fitness Map?

Checked through my depressingly extensive T3 archives (I download most bodies and clothes/armor just in case I ever decide I have a use for it), and nothing even remotely close. Isn't in either of my tracking lists, either; even though I distinctly remember tracking the file entry when I first saw it. Not sure whether that means it was pulled from the Nexus (I didn't think it automatically removed null watched files; instead just informing you that the file didn't exist if you try to visit it); or if I just hallucinated the whole mess.

I've searched both FO3 and FNV Nexii, as well as Lover's Lab and Google; and recovered nada.

For what it's worth, I remember it not being a mesh; but just a texture and normal -- or maybe even just the normal map. I know that's all it takes to give a body texture definition in Skyrim, but it's been so long since I putzed with any of this in Fallout that I'm not sure.

So what say you, moderately loyal audience who apparently lead boring enough lives to be reading this? Anyone remember the package I'm talking about? Have a copy? Point me to the author's Nexus account so I can PM and ask for a copy direct?


  1. Does "Naouak" ring any bells? Personally I'd never heard of this female body replacer until I did some Googling, but apparently there are several different versions on the FO3 Nexus. I'll provide specific links if you think this is what you're looking for.

  2. "Does "Naouak" ring any bells?"

    It did, but I don't recall it being connected to Type 3; and after searching his username on the FO3 Nexus I see why. I think that was the first nude body to come out for FO3.

    Doesn't look like he uploaded anything for T3; or textures like I thought I was remembering. Am I missing some of his stuff in the search? Looks like just the one body; some clothes for it; and a makeup texture pack.

  3. I think what you were looking for was/is the T3 Athletic body replacer. I did a search for that and got a link to the forum's discussion thread, but the actual mod on the FO3 Nexus is currently set to hidden. Unfortunately, I do not have a copy of it in my collection.

    1. You could be right. It's been long enough that the names tend to run together in my memory.

      I searched for 'athletic' before, but it only returned an armor. There's a link that points towards a body in said armor's description... but it is, as you say, hidden; so I don't know whether that was it or not. Apparently files set to hidden don't show up in Nexus searches anymore.

      Though this sort of thing does perfectly illustrate why I make it a habit to save everything that looks even remotely like it might be useful someday.