Friday, November 30, 2012

Other Random Screens

Picked up a few other random screenshots in the course of the last couple days' play, that didn't really fit into the other post.

This not only shows off us, and two of the early proof of concept scenery paintings I hung; but also why it's so bleedin' hard to get good pair or group shots. If I'm anywhere near her, she's looking at me. Will not face the camera.

I stopped in here for a moment to relax and enjoy the fire; after unloading a bunch of crafting components into the nearby work area's containers. Originally, the Estate had no miscellaneous storage, since that was all normally handled by the girls' sorting system and "magic party containers". Since playing games where I don't use that, though, I've had to go back through and add containers for miscellaneous components, reloading stuffs, ammo I'm saving for the future, and stuff like plasma grenades and SECs that I don't actually use, but do need for crafting other munitions. Also added a medical kit for storing doctor's bags, empty syringes, and spare chems in the kitchen by the medical facilities.

You can also see, if you look closely, a little bright strip on the painting over the fireplace; there on the right next to the frame. That's a spot in the normal I have to fix -- I was editing it at a smaller size, and apparently the eraser tool wasn't quite as close to the wood frame as I thought it was.

I caught this one as I was walking back and forth stowing crap. Fenrir nosed past me, on his way to do whatever it is digital dogs do when they're not eating smaller animals. It shows off just how big he ended up.

He's a sweet puppy, though. I mean, as long as you're not a coyote or gecko, that is. One of these games I'll have to take him into Zion with us. I'm tempted to one of these days script in a function for the dogs to beg for treats.

Yeah, I know the script engine is overloaded from my "little" companion mod already; but we all know by this point that I'm completely incapable of leaving well enough alone.


  1. What if Alexander Graham Bell had "left well enough alone"?

    What if Thomas Edison had "left well enough alone"?

    What if George Washington Carver had "left well enough alone"?

    That's all I got ta say.

    1. For that matter, what if Nickola Tesla had "left well enough alone"? Wait, maybe he is a bad example in some situations...

      Should you try to add to the dogs' behavior, I hope it turns out well. Such things go under the heading of "the little things".

    2. Side-stepping my initial (and reconsidered) comments on the examples listed, I'm not sure the pooches are getting another overhaul anytime soon.

      The hardcore code on the girls themselves is still giving me trouble. For some reason, the game has decided if all they have to eat are Yum-Yum Deviled Eggs, the dialogue won't fire. It makes no sense whatsoever; and until I nail it down a bit I'm not inclined to get the whole mess even more complicated by having the dogs require food and water too -- satisfying as that would be from a hardercore perspective.