Thursday, November 22, 2012

Mojave Silliness

Couple somewhat silly things to share that didn't really fit into the other posts so here we go.

Firstly, readers probably won't know this, but Mystery-chan is really very whimsical and downright silly when she's not being... y'know... bloodthirsty and violent.

She wrote one of her own companion join dialogues some time back, and when I was starting out a new game last night I finally managed to capture it:

...I swear that woman would make for a great thesis on manic behavior or maybe schizophrenia...

I mentioned in the last post that I had noticed the records count when I was monkeying with some code; well, that code was for the dogs. Originally, only Princess was supposed to be a follower; with Fenrir and Steve just sort of hanging around the Estate.

Well, this game, they wanted to bring all three dogs with us on the road for reasons I sort of spaced out during the recitation of. But hey; why the fuck not? It's not like I've never scripted a new companion before.

Since I'm apparently patently incapable of leaving well enough alone, while under the hood anyway I decided Fenrir needed some... work. He just wasn't suitable to be a demon's beloved pet.

Which leads me to a little riddle for you all:

Where does a hundred and fifty pound warhound sleep?

Answer? Wherever the hell it wants.

Also: Fenrir loves coyotes. Apparently they taste great. Poor, poor little 'yotes.

While it violates the 'rescued stray' backstory I yanked out of my ass during his creation, I am sorely tempted to go full-demon with Fenrir. I couldn't find a ported copy of Slof's Hellhound mesh that I used for Ysgithr in Oblivion; but some Google-fu told me that apparently the Monster Mod for FNV has a warhound with some horns 'n crap from a deathclaw grafted on. I've been thinking that one of those with a little texture work and the eyes reworked to glow a bit would be pretty cool. Probably make going out for supplies a bitch though; what with all the people running in abject terror.

...I was supposed to be working on normalmaps, wasn't I? Shit; I knew I forgot to do something today...


  1. Perhaps the Estate should have a kennel, but it would be one of those kennels where everything is gold-trimmed with velvet cushions and tapestries and such.

    1. Actually, the dogs each have their own pillow/dog bed in the bedroom already. They're those plush Gomorrah pillows blown up to a suitable scale.

      In my experience, real dogs generally prefer the couch... but there's no animation for that in FNV, sadly.

      Never liked kennels. Poor puppies don't understand any reasons; just that you're making them stay somewhere other than where you are. Isn't a nice thing to do to a dog.