Saturday, January 1, 2011


People create unnamed mod that adds a "modern penthouse" for the player attached to Gomorrah.

Whoopsie, gave you enough information to search out the mod there, didn't I?

One of the authors of said penthouse comes to me, says NCCS is flawed, because it uses a greeting that isn't directed at any npc; and so conflicts with his mod because it doesn't include any dialog at all.

Yeah, I know; it doesn't make sense to me either.

So... apparently, my mod is flawed in that I choose to use the base game's GREETING dialog topics to preserve voiced greetings without adding a bunch of voice files.

So now I have a two page PM detailing to me how I'm so wrong, and that I should really fix it because most players aren't expert modders like he is, and thus cannot fix it themselves.

Despite the fact that our latest malcontent was too much of a chickenshit to name his mod so I could look at the problem myself (I guess I'm just supposed to accept his word?) I easily found it by checking his posting habits on the NVNexus. They didn't even spell Gomorrah correctly. "gammarah"? Really? I swear, if the US public schools get any fucking worse we're going to be living out Idiocracy...

I see also that said author posted his maligning of NCCS in the comments of his mod.

In any event, I downloaded the latest version of the penthouse and the update. Tested, and it does cause companions to be unspeak-to-able. Ran it through FNVEdit.

Lo' and behold, tell it from the fucking mountaintop! An edit to one of the base game's GREETING topics; deleting its dialog and leaving it an empty entry.

"My mod contains no dialog yet" my pallid white ass.

Deleted his edit that ostensibly didn't exist? NCCS works perfectly again.

This, boys and girls, is a perfect example of why you should get your shit straight before you call someone out.

...And it's about to be an example of why it's a bad idea to malign someone else's work in a public forum when you're blatantly wrong...


It took me a few seconds to find your mod, since you weren't kind enough to tell me the name so I could have a look at the issues myself; but I downloaded a copy and had a look anyway.

I tried NCCS and the penthouse here at the same time, and did indeed encounter an inability to speak to companions.

If you actually did inspect your penthouse in FNVEdit, you're not much on detail. It took about twelve seconds to find an edit someone made to one of the base game's GREETING dialog topics, as seen in this handy dandy screenshot, taken of v1.1 in FNVEdit. As you can see, you deleted the infos from the 'What do you need?' greeting. This is the one that most commonly comes up for NPCs without a dedicated greeting - regardless of voice type, so naturally it causes problems. The green color of the dialog topic name, for the record, indicates an override.

Sure enough, I deleted the edit from your plugin, and NCCS works perfectly again.

Also for the record: the reason there is no greeting dialog assigned to the NCCS dialog container quest is because there is no greeting topic included in NCCS to begin with. While there are plans to add one at a later date to accommodate the number of voice types that Obsidian didn't see fit to give us one for, it hasn't been enough of an issue thus far to warrant overriding all greetings in the game for companions.

There is no flaw in my dialog that I'm aware of; save perhaps my writing style and adherence to grammar structures that aren't as widely accepted as they once were.

The flaw, I fear, is in people who edit things unintentionally, and don't take the time to clean their plugins.

Further, it would be greatly appreciated if you would get your facts straight before maligning someone's work in public like this.

Have a nice day, and a happy new year.

Yep. I posted his actual Nexus username. Fuck him, his mod, and the horse that brought 'em both to market.

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go do something else now and try to suppress the urge to delete all my uploaded mods to save me the trouble of being constantly harangued by you morons.


  1. Again I say:

    Wow... just... wow...

    And wasn't Gammarah a giant flying turtle from space that was beloved by Japanese children?

  2. I hope you realize he apologized and this whole rant makes YOU look like an a**hole... Just sayin' :/

  3. Perhaps, but still it would not have required much effort to at least spell the name correctly in the mod title since it is, after all, printed in the game for us several times including a big neon sign. To me that is an obvious indication of laziness that I'd bet manifests itself in other aspects of the mod as well. To be more blunt: it's just sloppy.

  4. Little anonymouse, show me where I have ever said I'm anything BUT an asshole?

    I never have. I don't deny it. And my being an ass doesn't make him right, or me wrong.

  5. @Herculine: That was Gamera I think. It's been awhile since I watched any of those bad Japanese dubs though, so I could be wrong.

    And considering this modder's "tag" for edited work was "2pac" I wouldn't expect an inordinate amount of intelligence or attention to detail; let alone classical edumacayshuns.

  6. Oh, I should also note:

    He apologized AFTER he maligned me in public, and I tore him a new asshole in the same venue.

    Or, I must assume so. There was no retraction up when I ranted; and I haven't checked the Nexus today... so I assume the "apology" you mention had to come up after I had already posted my asshole-i-tude and gone to bed.

  7. Oh, Anonymous...
    Oh yes, oh yes, clearly Nos is the a-hole here, how dare he actually speak up when approached a modder who doesn't make any attempts to back up his arguments with any facts or even check whether if it is his little housing project that causes the conflict and the proceeds to bash the work of others with grammar so bad it would make a middle school teacher throw up.
    And oh yah, are you saying that by apologizing he somehow became immune to critism?

  8. omg, I been searching for the penthouse mod for liek an hour and I ended up here.... You petty ranting and bullshit has just made the nexus loose another one of my favorite mods. Thnx a lot
    As if the nexus donbt suck enough these days. Bring the penthouse back pleasssee

  9. Wait, something I said caused that hack to pull his mod?

    Kickass. Let me add a notch to my belt.

    Thanks, that just brightened up my day!

  10. That's right, Nos was twisting the guy's arm like a pro wrestler...

    "Pull your mod, you little pencil-necked geek! Pull it now, or I'll say more mean things and hurt your little feelings!"

  11. Oh, did I forget to mention I minored in Graeco-Roman wrestling when I was going for my Masters at Evil Fuck University?

  12. ROFL you are a funny smart ass. Ill give ya that much. Hey NOS by chance do you have a better home on the strip for us? Or just a bunch of Ugly companions?? lol yehhhh thought so. How is he a hack when he realesed one the coolest Mods on the nexus? Sounds like he got under ur skin a lil bit :O I want that fukin Penthouse badly.... BTW very wierd to see such petty net bullshit brighten ur day. You must have some dull ass days... hahaha

  13. Hercline I dont think any of this councerns you. Find something else to do then comment on buisness that aint yours... Dam noobs

  14. Let me think for a second...

    I've done two house mods for NV; but neither is located on the Strip, no. I always found that location a bit of a pain getting into and out of, so one's west of Vegas, and the other is below Lake Mead.

  15. Also: I stand by my hack epithet; and you, Mr. Unknown, need to learn to fucking spell.

  16. oh , my bad. I never realized this was a spelling B apouse to a forum :)