Saturday, February 25, 2012

Everything Old Is New Again

One of the things I did when I started playing FNV again was update several of my mods.

Neither WME nor CaliberX went well. In the interest of not being a douche I refrained from bitching publicly about WME -- since I don't know exactly what the problem was, and it annoys the hell out of me when people bitch about my mods without knowing what's going on -- and just quietly removed the offending plugins and replaced them with a less overbearing version.

CaliberX is proving more of an annoyance, though. Seven versions of the mod there've been between my last update, and this one; and still when I get into game what do I find?

45-70 HP disassembly (fuck you sideways, Mozilla -- disassembly is too a goddamned word) still incorrectly points to normal 45-70 ammo; and HP cannot be broken down at all. There's still no option for breaking down surplus 5.56mm, either; and there are still two blasted identical entries for .50 "Match" ammo... and Grendel is still misspelled as "Grendal".

Maybe I'm too OCD, but those little details just drive me up the wall...

So much for not needing the NosCo CaliberX Additions plugin anymore. On the up side, none of the updates in the interim appear to clash with any of the changes I made, so it'll just be a simple matter of firing up the GECK and checking that the ammo form lists are still straight.

At some point, I suppose I really should put the plugin up for download somewhere. I included a copy of it with the NosCo Weapons Collection that disappeared from the intarwebz with Megaupload, but I'm pretty sure only a couple of you downloaded that.

Hm... should also add a breakdown recipe for surplus 5mm now that I think of it...


  1. I don't think you're OCD. You're just more knowledgeable regarding ballistic weapons and ammo than many of us are, so of course you notice the finer details. Since I'm not knowledgeable about much of anything, I'm able to let those little things slip by in ignorance.

  2. The same here. When it comes to firearms and ammo, I'm clueless. Any knowledge I have comes from (mostly) "real world" weapons and ammo mods, and what I read here on your blog. Your noticing the errors, in my opinion, comes down to your knowledge of the material, and the fact that you pay attention to the little details in the mods, because you do so when making your own.

    Speaking of the NosCo Weapons Collection, I'm still going through it when I actually play NV. So far, I have no complaints about it. Having two of the weapons in my inventory tip the balance in my favour when I first head out of Goodsprings, but seem to even out nicely once I really start leveling. Which reminds me, I should head back and grab an assault weapon from the crate. The one I am currently carrying has turned out to be as useful as using spit balls on my targets. Glad I have back-up...