Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Note to self:

FNV does not respond well to companion scripts that complex. 620 lines is apparently too much.

Stupid game, always thwarting my genius. *editeditedit*

Wonder if I can simplify the code somehow to make it fit...


  1. I don't think the game is doing it on purpose, Nos. I think it is just to stupid to accept your genius.

    The game Devs, on the other hand...

  2. @Druuler:

    I must disagree; the game does do it deliberately. If the default scripts and coding were as versatile as many modders like Nos need them to be, we wouldn't need script extenders. As it is, however, they can limit much of what can be done with them. But then, my comment is only based upon what I hear from others rather than personal experience; I can't script any more than I can play professional tennis...

  3. The problem in this case was the engine itself; for once the script editor actually took the script... it was just that it was apparently complex enough that when I got into the game, FPS dropped to about 3 - 5.

    Cleaned the script back up to the previous version, and it went back to normal.

    Sadly, between WME and CaliberX's new and "improved" versions, my game reliability has gone into the toilet anyway; so I'm having some difficulty telling what's my scripts being too complex, and what's poorly coded mods fucking everything up left and right.