Thursday, November 5, 2009

AI Progress

Is coming along, albeit slowly.

Since being left in charge, I have effectively been given free reign to do whatever in the holy hell I please with the RR mod.

Consequently, one of the first things I did was strip out about fifty lines of nonsense in the companionscript.

The warp system, death checks, moving dead companions away (they're essential, okay? they don't freaking die) and about six commands that forced a new AI package on the poor companions anywhere from once every few minutes to once every few seconds, depending on what you're doing.

My theory, was that the AI was getting confoosled, as we all do when there are four people yelling in our ear at once.

Solution? Lower the amount of data being shoved down the AI's throat.

'Lo and behold, tell it from the mountaintops! It seems to actually be working. Not perfect yet, but I've gotten in three separate play sessions now, each in excess of three hours apiece, without having to re-issue a follow command. Not once.

Still get an occasional stoppage. The difference now is that the girls sort themselves out, and start following again on their own. The worst I have to do is tap 'wait' and give them an hour.

Usually, all I do is keep right the hell on walkin' - after a few minutes they get their shit together and catch up. Must have separation anxiety.

Health system is apparently a tish buggier than I thought. All is working well, here. The companion occasionally gets interrupted and the behavior overridden, but on the whole it seems to be working. Even when the heal player behavior doesn't fire, the companions still keep themselves uncrippled and healthy, which was the big point of the endeavor.

In an effort to un-fuck the system for the few people having troubleses, I've changed the code slightly; resetting the three separate checks to each fire based on a different variable. That way, if one ends up mis-set, the other two still work. Have tested, and it still seems to work fine, so I really need to upload the new Experimental plugin, and see if it helps people.

Failing that, I can pull the variable checks altogether, but that will result in one companion starting dialog with the player while they're talking to another companion already. Wouldn't break anything... but it could easily get confusing. Plus, only one companion should really break combat to heal the player, while the remainder continues providing cover.

I dunno. All I can do is keep banging away, right?

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