Wednesday, November 25, 2009

RR Companions Vault, v5.1 (upcoming)

So much for getting to sleep all night. Was up again before midnight... which is pretty typical for me.

Suppose I can sleep when I'm dead, and sanity is for the weak.


Got the new Guard barracks/rec room, locker room, toilets, and shower room all navmeshed, and tested. New guard packages set up, and they actually work.

Thought you guys might like a little preview of 5.1

Here we have Zoe, one of the new guards, modeling the new V1 combat armor. She's standing in the rec room section of the barracks.

This is the Guards' storage room, chock full 'o weapons, ammo, armor, and medical supplies.

The Guards' rec room/barracks. Couches, radio, pool table in the front; beds in rear, each with a bedside table and dresser.

Two of the guards taking advantage of their down time to hit the rack. Dividers set up to create "rooms" to give the guards at least a little bit of privacy.

These guards won't be like the others, inside the vault proper. They won't be recruitable as companions, and will be scripted to take off their armor when off duty.

No, they won't walk around naked off duty. Pervert.

Six guards total, three on and three off at any given time. Thus far, the guards are already patrolling, relaxing, sleeping, eating, cooking, and bathing.

Some small details to work out yet, adjustments to be made. The important thing is that the packages all work right, and the AI doesn't seem to consider anything crash-worthy.

Still have undressing activators to add for the baths and showers, and some tweaking left to do to the idle animation packages. Mostly tweaking timers and such.

Once that's done, I get to start all freaking over, and begin creating the new areas for the vendor and her staff.

Thankfully, those rooms will be much smaller, and so FAR less time consuming to produce.

Also adding a new weapon to the mod: a custom, scoped .44 Mag. Is a weapon that I've had written for months, but never uploaded. I figure this new vendor will be a perfect place to sell it, without having to mod anyone's inventory.

Nothing game breaking. Six or so power scope, higher accuracy, no jam on reload. Think of it like a Performance Center piece.

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