Thursday, November 5, 2009

State of the Vault

So, I've been "in charge" now for almost a week.

ttomwv never returned my last PM, so I'm guessing when he said he was moving on, he didnae mean eventually...

Already, I'm getting the urge to fucking throttle some players.

I'm apparently now being blamed for problems in MMM. I've already been blamed for FO3 on the whole, FO3Edit's Masterupdate nonsense, and problems with the UP.

Nos may have to choke a bitch.

Large sections of the mod may be going bye-bye anyhow.

The prisoner system is twelve kinds of fucked. It doesn't work with named NPCs at all, and doesn't seem to work right with generics. The last I heard from ttomwv before he took off was not encouraging either, and amounted to: "Oh, yeah... those fixes I made? Turns out they may have broken it worse."

Even if I can fix it - and that's a helluva 'if' - it may well require an almost total rewrite of the system. A system - I might add - that I don't even use, nor like. Don't see the fascination with capturing people.

You want more people in el vaulto? Run one of the damned plugins. Guards, more men, more women... add them in with my companions pack, alternate guards, and drag in all five of the basic companions in the mod, and you'd have something like twenty-five NPCs roaming about Vault 1. I don't care what kind of 1337 h4xx0r system you've got, that's gonna cause a framerate hit.

Refurbished adds another six or so on top of that. Granted, Fry1969's extra NPCs don't do much beyond shower and lounge naked... but they're there, all the same.

Sorters are apparently still bugged, too. Another system I don't use, nor like. Nor have much of an idea how to fix.

The irony, is I do NPCs. Pretty girls with guns who hurt people and look nice in a skimpy outfit. Working over the companion system I can do. Hell, I wrote my own the other day from the ground up. Turned out it didn't work so well as a modular, 'make your own companions!' deal, so I shelved it for now.

I don't mind prettying up interiors - as evidenced by Redecorated - but buildings really aren't my thing.

At the moment, I'm seriously considering pulling a CM. Stripping the companion system out, making it a separate plugin, and let the hole in the ground fall where it may.

I know, I probably won't. I'm exhausted, frustrated, and pissy in general. My apparently-dying Dad isn't helping my frame of mind, nor are the constant stream of people too fucking stupid to read the docs.

It amazes me some of these people can even power on a computer, let alone figure out how to sign on to the intarwebz. I still blame AOL.

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