Thursday, November 26, 2009

Scripting Woes and Stupidity

...Mine, for once.

Big fan of the 20th Century Weapons mod. Have been for a long time.

Hell, I love any mod that lets me use weapons I actually own. Or, at least similar to. No one's made a MK14 Mod 1 model yet, as far as I know. Slackers.


Awhile back, the author of 20thCW noted in his file comments that he was looking for someone to help him out with a weapon selector script. So that instead of carrying an AR-15, AR-15 with scope, AR-15 Full auto, etc... you carry ONE, and when you equip it, you select the features you want. Scoped, non, semi, full-auto, suppressor or no. Make it like your digital self is adding or removing the accessories, and using the selector switch.

Well, I'd done that type of scripting before, and didn't see any problem, so offered to help.

The script... didn't work right. I got caught up with fixing the stuff you monkeys keep finding wrong with the RR Companions Vault, and never remembered to update him.

He PM'd me tonight, saying that v4 is going up soon, and had I made any progress. Had to report that no, it wasn't ready, and I probably wouldn't be able to devote the time to make it work. Abject apologies, mouth wrote check ass can't cash, and so forth.

After sending my reply, I decided to crack it open in the GECK and give it one last go, to see if I could get it at least partially working, to offer him a framework to create the other files from.

...It seems some moron who looks suspiciously like me left an extra endif command in the selector scripts... causing them to error, and not run.

Remove said leftover code, and they work fine. I mean completely. No issues with players or NPCs or anything


So I PM again, correct myself, and offer him a working base to create the rest for. I still don't have time to do all four HUNDRED plus weapons in the mod... but I oughta be able to knock out a couple extra weapon families before he PM's back.

Must learn to pay more attention, one of these days. My brilliance would be astounding if I wasn't so fucking out of it all the time...

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