Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Progress, Part II

Testing some more this mor... shit, it's afternoon already...



Testing this afternoon, and still seeing perfect performance from the cadre.

This time, we fast traveled from GNR to the National Guard Armory, moved north to roll an Enclave Camp (#23, I think it is), and then into the rocks and further north to Vault 108 to pick up the Bobblehead.

There were no scripted follower-fucks from Bethesda this time, so we had not a hitch one. Even a "this doesn't count, cause it does it to every follower system". Nada.

It was... wonderful. I had forgotten how much fun it is, adventuring with a squad instead of a partial fireteam.

and just because I can...

Lessons learned:

1) Giving one of my girls the Firelance results in much hilarity and many ash piles.

2) 'Ol Gary may as well have been a paper target, for as long as his many incarnations survived contact with my girls.

3) It's damned hard to get any kills with five of them around.

Going to test a bit more. I want to run through the Bethesda Ruins, and Old Olney and Vault 106. If they make it through those excursions with the same level of performance they have thus far displayed, I'm calling it good and making it an official change to the master file and my companions pack.

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