Sunday, September 19, 2010

Overheard This Morning

...At NosCo HQ:

Nos: "Well, looks like we missed international Talk Like A Pirate Day, this year."

SWOMA: "Yarr! The bastards!"

Reading around now, and apparently today is the day, and not yesterday. The news of which resulted in the sweet little redhead next to me bellowing "Surrender tha booty!"

Yeeeee-ap. Life's not weird around here or anything, and you totally can't tell we slept nearly eight hours last night...

So, remember, Kiddies: today be tha day fer pillagin' booty! Don' be fergettin' ta do yer own pillagin'. I'm sure thar be plenty of booty in yer own lives that needs ta be taken from time to time.


Now where'd I leave mah cutlass...

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