Saturday, September 18, 2010

Still Slacking...

I know, I'm still not doing anything productive to the FO3 world.

Dentist put me on some antibiotics. Some bullshit about three infections.

Anyway. Stuff's been making me feel even more like the walking dead than I normally do. Had my sinuses in full meltdown constantly. Haven't been able to use the computer at all for more than twenty odd minutes at a go before massive, debilitating eyestrain set in.

Sort of precluded GECKing.

Took my last dose of that garbage 1100 this morning. Already feeling better with it being processed out of my system. Just got done playing Bloodlines for about two hours, with only a minor headache manifesting. Assuming my system does its usual bang-up job of getting rid of toxins, I should be back to my computer-addicted self within a day or two.

That done, I do intend to dive into Nos' Tower, and see what I can get going. I've wanted to several times this week, but it's difficult when you can't see and have trouble remaining upright.

At some point, I've still got to release the final version of the RR Companions Vault.

I think I'm going to roll back, though. Axe the version I have; reset to the last, and just re-make the final reliability fix to the companions, and the fix for the mirelurks getting out of their tank. I just can't bring myself to care enough about the home marker and guarding crap to bother making it all work.

I'd also like to note two other things:

1) if you're in the fields of dentistry or pharmaceuticals, I hope you get ebola.

2) 300gr JHP loads in the .454 Casull may possibly be the hardest recoiling handgun I've ever shot.


  1. Thats a nice diet you feed that 454.

    Cant beleave the mirelurks are still getting out. That has never happened to me, not once in over 4000 game hours with the vault instaled. The only time I had a mirelurk walking around the vault was when I ran the "RR Pets" plug in.

    Are you sure about no home markers? Are you sure? Might just be the way your felling at the moment. Give it a couple days. You waited this long,,,whats a couple more days to wait till you fell better. You know after the tower is built one may want to take them thar red heads with them. hummm????

  2. Actually, I was planning on a patch to give a "home"-ish option for the Tower for people who used the RR Companions Vault, too.

    Though, I can leave it I suppose.

    Still cutting the guard stuff, though. Too many damned travel packages to set up.

    And yeah, I've never seen the 'lurks get out either, but someone still breezes through and reports it from time to time; then poofs back into the aether without followup.

  3. In my case the minilurk escape only happened once in an isolated instance where I was just running around like a fool testing the RR Scouts. I tried to recreate those conditions, but could not get the random bug to reoccur. Not much help I know, but at least knowing that it does in fact happen must be worth something...

  4. It does count for something, hence my attempts at fixing it.

    Just annoys me when someone PMs me with "HEY! XYZ doesn't work!" and then is gone again with no followup.

    The bug being all but impossible to replicate isn't helping matters any, either.