Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Still Out

Not slacking so much, though.

I'm not going to devolve into self-indulgent whining, but suffice to say the dental appointment did not go swimmingly.

It resulted in yer old buddy Nos getting 4x the normal dose of local anesthetic, a sadistic bitch of a hygienist practicing bayonet drills on my gums for an hour (for those of you never 'in', a bayonet drill involves parry and LUNGE!), considerable tissue damage, two broken teeth (that I didn't even get an "oops!" for, let alone an apology), lots of blood, and two badly inserted temporary fillings projected to survive seven days tops.

The next appointment being eleven days after insertion.

It's okay, though! Because she broke my teeth, I got my appointment moved up for real fillings. No longer November 30. Now November 15!

Joy and fucking rapture.

Best part? Apparently, part of the health plan involved in selling my soul to the powers of Darkness all those years ago is that my pain receptors are immune to the binding effects of opiates.

Meaning the hydrocodone they gave me for pain? Yeah, 500mg did absolutely nothing. I get more pain relief from 500mg of aspirin.

My darling girl managed to get me to smile this morning (against my will). What did I hear?

"*giggle* There's them teeth... oh, wow; they really fucked you up, didn't they?"

I now have a 3/4 inch gap between my two front teeth... well, what's left of them, anyway. Consequently, I now also have a lisp and cannot produce a hard F sound. You have no idea how inconvenient that makes life for me. Do you have any idea how often I use the word fuck in my daily life?!

Thankfully, the girl wasn't able to be there to sit in on the procedure with me. Else she'd likely be in jail, what with the ass kicking that would have commenced upon the hygienist's hide and all.

Erm. Anyway. Am in pain and a generally pissy mood. Not feeling the GECKing urge tonight.

On the up side, Recettear is both cute and engaging, and I may have to spend the $20 on purchasing it.


  1. I couldn't resist the curiosity to follow the Recettear link. I must say it's not exactly the type of game I'd picture the Lord of Darkness playing. But you'll get no judgmental attitude from me! No Sir! (tee hee...)

  2. What can I say? Sometimes I'm a sucker for teh cyoot.

    ...Other times, I'm awakened by a phone call notifying me that my bank card number has been stolen and used to purchase $800 worth of something online from a company I've never heard of.

    Fuck me but I have got to figure out what I did to piss the universe off so bad...

  3. Put the "pain in the game". Get in a fist fight with a mute or something else. Roll play at its best. When my back is so bad I can't walk I spend the day hobbling around with a crippled limb in the game. After all my PC is me.

  4. You know, that is an excellent idea. I generally opt for large endorphin releases, myself, but I'll keep that in mind.

    Isn't really the pain that's getting me. More the idea of what they did, you know? Keeping me from sleeping - every time I lay down I start thinking about how pissed off I should be.

    Wasn't a total waste, though. I sat up until 0800 this morning working on the Tower. I didn't get much done on the actual penthouse suite, but I did get the three new textures made; and all but a couple room pieces made. In my daze, I forgot to add a standalone ceiling and something else.

    Got two other sets done, though: dark marble and light marble.

    I'm going to have to post about it here soon; I'm on the fence about the light marble, but the dark turned out so nice.

  5. Im with you on the dark marble. Whites only for trim in places one needs to stand out.

    Ok if it wasnt a supper mute then Doc had Mr. Handy fix yer bad tooth.

  6. You know, I think honestly I'd have preferred Mr. Handy. At least then there's not the expectation of proper care.

    I didn't think they employed people like this outside the VA in this country.