Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thumbs Down!

Looks like the RR Companions Vault picked up lucky #13 sometime this morning.

As usual, the naysayer was too much of a spineless candy-ass to actually voice a complaint or try to resolve whatever the issue was.

Can't you just feel the love and appreciation?

Think I'll go do something that doesn't involve FO3 for awhile.


  1. Nos theres always going to be the spinles piss ant out there or, the dumb ass new-bee that thinks you vote thumbs up for the one you like best and everything else, (all three mods there running) gets a thumbs down. Dumb fucks just don,t get how it works.

    Then theres the flip side of the coin buddy, and this ones for you. As buildings go the vault is number four as being the most endorced file of all times. Your buddy Fry is right behind you in 8th place. Now thats saying something. Something that was said by your fans.

    So fuck them little twits when a Lord of darkness reaches them hights who cares if there is a peasent at the wall of your tower beggen fer some fucking attention. Your bad, and your on top, you have an army around 560 strong and thats all there is to it.

    Have some fun times on break.

    Later, Sgt. Ovakil

    have a good time on break

  2. Hey don't get me wrong - and I do appreciate the support - I'm not saying I'm going to pack up my toys and run away for evers and evers and cry and so forth.

    I just find it annoying that so many people won't even ATTEMPT to fix whatever they didn't like. Just an automatic thumbs down.

    And of course, the Nexus perpetuates the problem by letting people vote a mod down because it "violates their personal beliefs" or whatever. The entire system has nothing to do with technical merit or creativity, it's all just a popularity contest.

    Suppose it would be better if I spent half my day posting in the forums, begging for endorsements and prostrating myself before the masses in supplication.

    Then again, I do still have my pride, whatever that's worth.

  3. Sounds like my ongoing experiences with Doomworld...

    People (I use that term loosely) figure out how to post on these forums and their related mod archives and, though they've never created anything for any game, suddenly they're experts on how mods should be. I have to agree with the Sgt.: fuck the little twits. There are enough of us out here who have enough of a working understanding of this to realize that you know what you're doing and you do it well. Screw those forumphiles!

  4. The Fae dropped an F-bomb? Looks like I'm not the only one having an interesting life lately.

    I'm sure you're quite cute when all worked up and angry. Do you get the cute anime-bulging-vein-on-the-forehead going, too? Maybe produce a giant mallet from null-space?

  5. Personally I prefer to carry the symbiotic telepathic teddy bear that transforms into a hulking behemoth that crushes everything in its path to protect me. Great fun that is.

  6. I now have an image in my head of a fairy sitting on the shoulder of a giant teddy bear, cackling maniacally as it stomps a building with "Doom World" on the side.

    I'm not sure whether to giggle or feel bad.