Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Coming Soon?

So... I know probably not most, but at least a few people have lamented the fact that Oblivion seems to get all the good adult mods. FO3/NV have been largely left out in the cold; with only a couple attempts -- neither of which actually worked worth a shit.

I was cruising that screenshot database this morning since I hadn't for a few days now, and ran across this shot (and fair warning, it's very NSFW).

Now, I don't know what forums the discussion surrounding that mod is taking place in, and considering the GUI is in Russian I doubt it would do me very much good if I did know... but apparently someone out there is working on these things.

I'd also like to know why the stick of dynamite in that screenshot has "inert" written on it... but that's a separate issue entirely.

Edit: and y'know, I'm beginning to remember this morning why I've been backing out of modding publicly more and more this year.

"Things is though - i'm fine with Super Mutants not raping since in the lore they are asexual. The FEV retracts/covers over/makes their genitals drop off."

"False. Real supermutants (the ones from Fallout 1 and 2, and which the NV supermutants are) are sterile, in that they can't breed, but they aren't asexual. They still have all their parts and still enjoy using them.

Now, in Bethesda's east coast lowest common denominator non-offensive post-apocalyptic theme park that is Fallout 3, the supermutants are asexual. On the other hand, the supermutants in Fallout 3 aren't proper supermutants because the process that makes them is different. There's also no good explanation of how they came to be."

Real Supermutants.


Gods, they're arguing about reality in made up universes again...

One thing about it, though: lore-mongers do handily keep my desire to try FO1 or 2 completely destroyed so that I don't spend dozens of hours playing through them.


  1. the screen shot in question is from a mod called sexpartners that is on the nexus since it was first put out earlyer today for me atleast its now been hidden by the owner, the back story for it dosn't seem to make that much sence to most ppl, and there was alot of ppl sayin that losing ur wife wouldn't make u do that.


  2. Well, thanks much for the heads-up, there. I don't pay as much attention to the Nexii as I used to.

    I'll leave the whys and wherefores of such a mod for others to ponder, though.

  3. I've noticed that lore people often take keeping a setting consistent far, far too seriously. They forget it's a story.

    Of course, messing too much with a story after the fact gets the kind of retcon of retcons of retcons that renders comic book stories incoherent so a bit of testiness at total incompetence can be understood :)

  4. @Kirtai: My problem is the encyclopedic approach they try to take.

    All Deathclaws do this; Super Mutants don't really do that...

    They're entirely fictional. Who's to say they all do anything? The beauty of fiction is that it is whatever the hell you say it is. There could be fifty different sub-species of muties; and the other 49 just didn't appear in a game prior to FO3.

    I mean, bugs becoming giant mutant forms of themselves because of radiation exposure is pretty much total bullshit anyway. With two nuclear devices being used in war; countless "tests" in peacetime, and that whole Chernobyl debacle the world would be crawling with the things by now if it really happened. So since the entire premise is fictional to begin with; getting hung up over "reality" in it is a little silly.

    'Least I think so.

    I'm not a geneticist, so I can't comment on the whole FEV being valid thing; but I'd wager it wouldn't stand up to hard science well, either.

  5. Of course it wouldn't, it's the Science! of 1960s monster movies not real life stuff :)

    BTW, "Encyclopedic" is exactly the right word, they get confused between building an encyclopaedia of facts and telling an entertaining story. And that even "facts" can be retconned :)

  6. An encyclopedia of fictional facts... quite the oxymoron.

    It reminds me of rather heated debates I've observed between D&D players regarding the behaviors of real Elves and real Dwarves...

  7. My favorite example is the last time I visited a game store -- of the tabletop variety; not video. I had actually gone in looking for books, but it was also an RPG haven, apparently.

    Anyhow, there were five fat, unwashed neckbeards sitting around a table; eating cheetos and drinking mountain dew (and how I wish I was just making fun of the stereotype, there...) ostensibly playing a game of D&D or whatever. What they were actually doing, was arguing over which color dragon would realistically be most powerful.

    It was that day that I decided to start buying most of my books from Amazon. At least in a web purchase, I don't have to listen to any stupidity but my own.

  8. Some of us take our fantasy/fiction way too seriously. And some of us have difficulty returning our minds from the realm of dragons, mutants and starships. Hmm, "difficulty" could be replaced with "reluctance" and "inability", depending upon the individual in question.