Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ways to Tell You've Been Modding Too Long: #114

When you're hurtling towards one thousand screenshots taken, for one game alone:

It's going to be such a pain when I hit a thousand, too. Screenshots use a three digit number EG: Screenshot522 ; because of this, when it kicks up into four digit, all the shots in the one thousand block are going to screw up my 'sort by filename' setup. Unless of course I go through and edit the filename of each previously taken shot to a four digit.

Even though I haven't actually saved all 950+ taken shots, that would still be a lot of renaming...


  1. I'm up to savegame 928 in FNV, thanks to it being some crashtacular >_<

  2. I couldn't even venture a guess at my save count. It resets to zero when you wipe all your saves, and if you only delete some, then it reverts to the number that was next in line for the remaining saves.

    I know in Oblivion, I've made over three hundred saves just in this one particular thirty hour game. Last game (before I had to delete it) was up over four hundred at the time of wipe.

    In FO3 it looks like I've made 196 saves in this latest twelve hours' worth of game.

  3. Ah, here we go. FNV shows 393 saves, since my reinstall right after the last patch came out.

  4. I don't feel so bad with my FO3 save count near 600. Mind you, this was racked up in abour a year's game play, and at least three complete reinstalls. I've also gotten into the habit of backing up said saves so I don't have to start completely over if I need to reistall.

  5. Umm, about, not abour...and reinstall, not reistall *sigh* I'm going to need a proof-reader for my comic >.<

  6. "I've also gotten into the habit of backing up said saves so I don't have to start completely over if I need to reinstall."

    I cheat in that respect. In all three games, I create a save point at the end of the tutorial with no mods active, and keep a backup of that.

    Instant mod-friendly early game restart without dealing with those asinine tutorials. Especially handy since you always get the chance to change looks, skills, and so forth before leaving into the "real" game.

  7. I've uninstalled, reinstalled and started over from scratch so many times with these Gamebryo games I couldn't even guess at how many times I've saved or taken a screenshot. Judging from my current totals, I've never even played the games.

  8. I've lost count of how many screenshots I've taken. Especially of WoW (do not play that game).

    Renaming them is pretty easy though, I use a renamer program that can do stuff like insert text at particular positions in the filename and so on.

  9. "Especially of WoW (do not play that game)."

    Few years late on that one for me. I've tried WoW three times now. Never made it past a month.

    For those who have never played: if you think the people who inhabit the Nexii are fucktarded morons from the planet Stupid, go hang out in Azeroth for a week or two.

    I could go on quite a rant about the game... but I don't think Blogger's comment limit is high enough to let me get even half way through.

  10. @Nos: "fucktarded morons from the planet Stupid"

    In my experience, that's actually understating things. Most amazing bunch of arrogant, stupid, entitled, self-righteous morons I've ever encountered.

    Even in the early days I only played with friends and guildies due to idiots but since the wrath expansion, the sheer amount of stupid has been approaching black hole densities. (I played it on and off since the EU release)

    That's why I only play single player games now :)

  11. A large number of my friends play World of Warcrack. They have established thier own guild, and apparently, it has become rather well known. They were trying for the longest time to get me to play and I kept refusing. Why should I pay a re-occuring fee to play a multi-player fantasy game, when we could just have a lan party and play Neverwinter Nights, or even better, sit around the table, pull out the rule books and dice, and play Dungeons and Dragons. It is so much easier to avoid the undesirables that way.

  12. Never really had the option of LAN parties or sitting around a table to play, myself.

    But that's okay. I like my scripted companions.

  13. I only recently got into NWN but was quite taken by it, partly because I was already so familiar with the game mechanics from playing P&P D&D; I'd imagine a LAN party with a bunch of folks who aren't morons would be rather fun.

    However, I refuse to touch World Of Warcrap; the last thing I need is some insane Japanese kid flying over here and killing me in my sleep in RL because I got his magic sword in some video game...

  14. "the last thing I need is some insane Japanese kid flying over here and killing me in my sleep in RL because I got his magic sword in some video game... "

    Now, now.

    That's hasn't gone international, you know. The nutbars stick to domestic murders over makebelieve items.

    Well, thus far, anyway. I suppose you could be the one to go into the history books as international MMO murder #1.

    Wouldn't that be nice? Everyone would know your name!

    ...What? I'm trying to look at the silver lining, here.

  15. Well, not my first choice as a way to get famous quickly, but I guess when my time comes it might as well involve video games somehow...

    ...I've always kinda thought that they'd just find me slumped here at the desk, my hand still on the mouse while next to me they'd find an empty Reese's Cup wrapper, an open can of Diet Mountain Dew and a half-empty pack of cigarettes...

  16. Sooo....

    Are we diabetic, or just planning to go out via exhaustion?

    'Cause y'know... if it's to be death by exhaustion, I've come across a couple more pleasant ways to do it than marathoning every quest in Oblivion...

  17. Different doctors have been telling me for years that I'm not a diabetic and that I simply need to balance my diet better, yet if I consume too much sugar (too much being a lot less than normal folks) I will black out and fall on my face. But doctors know more about it than I do, right?

  18. Oh, you might be surprised. Then again maybe not...

    "the last thing I need is some insane Japanese kid flying over here and killing me in my sleep in RL because I got his magic sword in some video game... "

    What? Really? Man, I just have to pay more attention to the news >.<

  19. uhm, WoW doesn't even run in Japan. Blocked from setting up business. Can't get a foothold. There is no localized Japanese language client, and no japanese servers. Anyone in Japan who wants to play WoW gets an english language client and connects to either a NA or EU server and deals with the insane lag. Even the "Oceanic (australia, nz, etc) servers are in NA. Or they get a chinese client, and play on the servers in Taiwan.

    The incident Herculine is thinking of involves the Chinese MMO "Legend of Mir 3" in which one guy borrowed an in-game sword from a friend - and sold it for over $1000 worth of real-life cash. Dude reported this to the police, was told they couldn't/wouldn't do anything about it, so he went medieval on his friend. Serving suspended death sentence in jail.

  20. My apologies to the Japanese...'s the Chinese lunatics I was referring to, yes.

  21. I don't have links handy, but there's been more than one of those incidents, now. Two, I think in China; plus another in Taiwan (which I suppose is part of China depending on who one asks...).

    I didn't see it as much of a stretch that another incident had occurred in Japan. All one would have to do is steal another's limited edition naked loli magical schoolgirl in-game colllector's item and SHIT WOULD BE ON, MOTHERFUCKER!

  22. @Herculine:

    Off topic for this blog no doubt, but I'm personally convinced most MDs are total idiots, who just try stuff at random and diagnose via throwing darts at a board.

    The local ones try to tell everyone they're diabetic. "Pre-Diabetic" and everyone should be on insulin.

    Silly me, last I heard, diabetes was an all-or-nothing condition; ya gots it or ya don't.

    Personally, I know I don't. Why? I can down an entire pint of Ben & Jerry's fudge brownie ice cream and feel none the worse for wear. (Are they pints? Or half-pints? Those little ones you see at the grocery store, anyway...)

    It's just... not a good idea to do multiple times in any short span of time for reasons of weight gain and all...

    I'd say if going on a cookie binge causes you to fall into a coma, that would be pretty good evidence for me.

  23. Isn't there a form of diabetes that can be treated just by being careful of your diet? I think it's Type 2 or insulin resistance or something like that.

  24. Been awhile since I read up on it, but yes. There's Type 1 and Type 2.

    One can be controlled via diet and exercise; one requires regularly taking in insulin. I'd specify injections... but I read awhile back on this survival site I browse sometimes that there's apparently a root or some such thing that you can grow, and eat, and it apparently supplies insulin. Or so they claimed.

  25. Oops... didn't mean to send the thread off on a tangent...

    ...but either way, when I was in school my favorite soda (or pop or cola or whatever, depending upon where you live) was Mountain Dew. After having the previously mentioned medical issues I switched myself to Diet Mountain Dew and I starting feeling worlds better. Now the original tastes like poison to me and I can have a snack every day without falling out.

    There, I said FALLing OUT... back on topic!

  26. Type 2 Diabetic here, pills + injections. There was varying degrees of type 2 - some are lucky, and it can be controlled by diet and exercise. Those worse off rely on meds - pills, injections or both. No need for a Diabeetus lecture here, but as for the Pre-Diabetic nonsense, it's basically someone with the classic indicators for being a risk for the disease - overweight, inactive, poor diet, family history.

    Just like many other things in the past, it's another way for the medical industry - and in particular the pharmaceutical one - to leverage new sources of monetary gain. Just like "heartburn" became "acid reflux" and is now "GERD"

  27. Kinda makes you wish for the future world of William Gibson, don't it?

    Sure, we can slap a new pancreas into ya. How's Tuesday?

  28. 3 words. full body replacement. I've definitely watched Ghost in the Shell too many times. :D

  29. Mm.

    On the one hand, I'm not keen on being slaved to medical science.

    But on the other, full cyborg enhancements, and the potential for a real life Motoko Kusanagi?

    Decisions, decisions...