Thursday, October 27, 2011

I... Wait, What...?

So... I'm cruising that Japanese mod database/imagestore for FONV that I mention from time to time -- because hey, you never know when you'll run across some neat armor or a body mod that will never see the Nexus -- and running new screenshots, and I hit this one.

Now, most people would probably be looking at the redhead with the weird forehead tattoo... but eh; my redheads are way hotter; and wear better hair styles.

Me? I took one look at the screenshot, and wondered when someone made a Hugh Laurie sniper companion.

I'm not much on other peoples' companions... but I think I'd have to download that one. One question though: which Hugh Laurie do we get? George, or Gregory House? I can see either one being an amazing companion to travel the Mojave wastes with me; but I can't decide which I'd rather have. Wackyness, or nuclear snark? Oh, decisions, decisions...

I guess with the half-beard it'd have to be House, huh? I mean, he stayed clean shaven for George and all.

...Damn. Now I want a Rowan Atkinson companion too; and listen to them trade snark while we travel. Where'd I leave my Black Adder DVD boxed set, anyway...?


  1. LOL That does indeed look like House.

    Unfortunately, the only Rowan Atkinson faces I can recall seeing were in Oblivion so they probably wouldn't port over very well:

  2. Appreciate the thought, but it just isn't the same without the voice.

    What was great about Black Adder was the off-the-cuff wit.

    ...Well, that and the evil.

    For best effect, would need Tony Robinson, too.

  3. Eh, maybe House, maybe not. Personally, I see only the slightest resemblance to Hugh Laurie myself. But again, that's just me.

    Mr. Bean characters in Oblivion? Black Adder makes more sense, but that character probably doesn't have the same popularity as Mr. Bean does. Meh.

  4. My Lord, I have a cunning plan that will get us out of this mess!