Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Yep, That's What I Thought

Get the bright idea this afternoon (since the cleaning is done, I have a bit of time to mod for the first time this week) to run NCCS through FNVEdit and see if it maybe detects some error the GECK doesn't mention that would explain why an apparently completely valid script is refusing to run. The result?

...Well, it's nice to see FNVEdit isn't jeopardizing its standing record of being nigh completely fucking worthless...

Looks like I have to do this the hard way...


Well, I purged the new "Nellis fix" from the companion scripts, and all seems to function correctly again.

It's at this point that I'm more or less baffled. There's nothing wrong with the code; save that possibly the range I need the script to cover is larger than the engine can handle using the GetDistance function. Unfortunately, that -- like nearly every one of my scripting questions -- comes up complete craps on the forums. Either no one has posted about it, or the search function is being a bitch and not turning the threads in. I give it even odds on which.

So... I'm really not sure how else I can run this without modifying the base game scripts. There's really no way to tell whether they're within range other than by checking distance to an object -- the artillery is triggered by trigger boxes, but there's no way I know of to check whether an actor is inside a trigger except from the script linked to said trigger. If I'm gonna modify a base game object anyway, I may as well just edit the targeting script and throw in an NCCSFaction exemption from the bombardment.

I've still got one non-editing trick I can think of; but I don't hold out high hopes. Stupid Obsidian and their damned gimmicks...

I mean, really; how hard would it have been to just disable the artillery barrages altogether once the player had made it through? I know the fluff says it's how they defend Nellis; but it's not like the game has roving bands of raiders who continually assault the base.

Edit again:

Damn my easily distractedness!

...Instead of adding a new Nellis fix, I just spent the better part of an hour rewriting the main quest script to streamline how each companion is maintained as you play. Only shaved about thirty lines off the script, but it reads much easier now -- to me, at least.

Edit, yet again:

Just tried my last resort option. It doesn't lock the script... but nor does it stop the bombardments.

Yet another total failure notch to add to the 'ol belt. I need to ponder a bit on what to do.


  1. I agree that once the player befriends the Boomers then Nellis should remain friendly territory by default through a disabling of the artillery itself until the player somehow pisses off their faction, at which time the guns would simply be re-activated. Nobody would ever know the difference. That's the way they'd do it in older games; why do they have to make things more difficult than they need to be?

  2. Hmm, roving band of Raiders/Super Mutants/puppy dogs attacking Nellis while the artillery is disabled. I like that idea :)

    Actually, disabling the artillery to avoid the NCCS companions from getting shelled is probably a good idea. I don't think I have actually ever seen anything getting anywhere close to the trigger points. The only mods that come to mind that might put spawn points near Nellis might be the Zombie Apocalypse based ones, which, oddly enough, I have.