Friday, October 21, 2011

What is this I don't even

I know it's two in the morning local, and I'm just tired and frustrated... but I can't help but seriously consider shit-cannning the entire NCCS project again.

Ran the game again finally. One companion still locked up. Ran the game several more times. Same companion locks up every time; right after combat ends the first time. She'll still follow, still respond to threats; but once combat ends the weapon gets put away regardless of whether mine's out, and she won't sneak under any circumstances.

I decide that perhaps the new companion script is getting too hefty for the engine to handle; cut out some code from the affected companion's script (but not the other two, to keep a control). No change.

Load my old "clean" save in Doc Mitchell's during character creation. Get through that, get out into the open... and now no companions work. I can't talk to any NCCS companion, and they can't talk to me. I have no idea why.

So, at this point I get to begin the process of clean saving, new games, and pacts with forces of Darkness to try and figure out what in the holy fucking everloving hell is wrong with this goddamned game this time.

Mod for NV, I said. You'll be able to get in at the ground floor, instead of a year after the fact, I said. It'll be the next CM, I said...


  1. Well, those are all true, you just forgot the "it'll be just like wrestling with sharks with a bloody steak tied to my ass" bit

  2. With the latest version installed, I've loaded two different saves, fast-traveled, recalled Brooke and Bernie and fought two different packs of Cazadores. So far I've seen no problems (except the fact that I forgot to give the two recalled companions any guns so they went bare-fisted melee on the bugs).

    I'll try to get back to it tonight and see if I can break anything.

  3. I will keep an eye out for similar behaivour myself. I have managed to hit level 19, and I have realized that I don't have any NCCS based companion with me. Odd...

    I plan on getting into the Angel Park mod soon, so there will be plenty of opportunities for the companions to enter and exit combat. Mind you, I also have A World of Pain installed, and that will give them about the same amount of opportunities.

  4. Okay, I just finished another test. Loaded the clean save anew; thinking that last night's issue may have been that I loaded the old save from within the game after it had bugged -- rather than closing it and opening the game again to clear whatever had gone wrong in its memory.

    Still no good. No NCCS companion will speak to me.

    I'll try clean saving, but it looks as though the companion scripts I altered to better handle the Nellis fix are fucked and not running at all.

  5. I managed to play without crashes long enough yesterday to be able to get to Novac an acquire Brooke. I haven't played enough with Herculine's companions installed, so I wasn't expecting two more NCCS characters to be there.

    I was able to hire Brooke, get into her inventory, put some items in there and run the sorters. The other two just ignored me. No matter how many times I tried, I had no response from them. I find that a bit odd, since all three NPCs are running on the same system. Might just be because NeilUK02 changed something in the scripts when he made the ones specifically for Brooke?

    I will get some more play in soon, and see how things go. I plan on taking at least Brooke with me up to the gate at Nellis to see if they start shelling us again or not.

  6. I've just verified this. Neither Nadine nor Lilly will talk to me either.

  7. Damn; that means it's not just the last revision I made after I uploaded a version for you guys, it's the Nellis fix altogether.

    Always fucking something...

    Y'see, this is why I don't post updates to the NCCS thread -- it always spells death for the WIP version.

    Also: Neil's companions still work because they have their own script copies as I recall; which have to be updated manually, and don't automatically reflect any changes I make to the scripts in the master.

    Despite the fact that the GECK script parser took it, the game isn't running the scripts at all. Guess I need to axe the whole mess and see if that fixes it, or if it's some kind of fatal error the GECK helpfully added for me during a save...

  8. I rather thought Neil's companions worked on their own versions of the scripts. It does allow for him to personalize his companions more. I guess it is more than an understatement to say that fixing one issue only to have it fuck up something else is just plain aggravating...

  9. "I rather thought Neil's companions worked on their own versions of the scripts"

    I don't mean to belittle Neil's companions at all -- it's entirely possible he has customized their scripts. Last I heard, though, he had made custom-named copies of the default scripts so as not to have to worry about conflicts with other companions using the same scripts and potentially causing problems.

    I haven't actually used the NCCS versions of Brooke and/or Bernie; so I just go by what he'd said in the past.

  10. Well, since Brooke is the only NCCS companion I can bring along at the moment, I decided to drag her off to Nellis via the train tunnel, before venturing into Angel Park (the entrance happens to be inside the tunnel near Nellis). I didn't even get near the ruined building before they started shelling Brooke and I.

    Since the companion lock up isn't affecting Brooke and the Nellis fix doesn't seem to either, I am inclined to agree that Neil renamed his scripts and updates them by hand when you publish a new version. If he is adding in anything to make his girls different from the base models, I am assuming that he would have to. I am assuming because I haven't tried that area of modding yet, but it seems logical to me, given what little I know.

  11. I should also mention that the sorters seem to be working fine for just Brooke, but since I had just the one companion set up for them, I couldn't test the sorters more fully.

    I have a companion to build on NCCS for a friend, so I have reverted back to v0.7 for now. I will try and hire some of the other NCCS characters in my game and see if they respond now.

  12. The sorter issue was fixed awhile ago, and it runs from the quest scripts and not the companion scripts, so it should work fine.

  13. Right, sorry, I forgot about that. I should be going over already published results before publishing mine >.<

  14. Eh, s'okay; I generally have to stop and think to remember whether I actually fixed something yet or not.