Monday, October 10, 2011

NCCS v0.8, Upcoming, Part VI

Played a bit more this morning (once I had dealt with the latest bits of sky falling on the Nexus) and learned a bit more about the "locking" quest scripts.

Clean saved NCCS from my game and re-enabled it, and the main quest was dead on activation. Never functioned at all this time. This tells me that the problem is something fundamental in the game itself -- whatever it is, the game has decided the script does not need to work under any circumstances. There's no fix, except to revert to a save before it happened, or start a new game.

FONV continues to be impressive in its unreliability. I'm at 65 hours or so now, and crashes are frequent; but not quite constant. Most often is a crash on changing cells, whether it be by door or fast travel, it tends to lock on loading the new area.


  1. Perhaps the issue will be addressed in the next Official Patch...

    *ducks and runs*

  2. Do we even get any more of those?

    I thought with the game compatible with all the DLC, it was time to abandon it and move on to the next clusterfuck of a train wreck masquerading as a game.

  3. I am actually getting some rather nasty crashes myself lately. In most cases it is with cell changes via door or fast traveling, but I also have some exterior areas that I can't approach on foot. I get to a certain point and poof, CTD! I don't have a game save anywhere near 50 hours at the moment, so I am inclined to blame Requiem for the Capital Wasteland at the moment.

    Its not keeping me from trying though...

  4. "Don't get me started on RFCW... "


    Are Nekos pull start, or solenoid? Never a damned owner's manual handy when I need one...

  5. Nah... it's just that we Nekos get upset when we make mods that work perfectly and get ridiculed but are expected to tolerate everyone getting a hard-on over mods that break half the game... or, in this case, two games...

  6. Yeah, I'm not sure why it's always the half-working mods that get all the fanfare, either.

    I chalk it up to the gross stupidity of your average human... but then that's my answer for most things these days.

  7. If there is a tail attached Nos, I would expect the Nekos to be pull start ;)

    I knew going in that RFCW was buggy, but I was willing to give it a chance anyway. Oddly enough, most of the issues I seem to be having (other than the increase in crashing) are mostly localized in New Vegas itself. I expected it to be more with FO3, but it appears I am wrong. I am willing to put up with it for now, as I will still need a second FO3 setting for my comic in the future, and, if I ignore some of the side quests, and possibly the main one as well, I can still play NV. I'm currently playing through Angel Park.

    Speaking of mods, even though I have yet to start modding and uploading myself (need to start that soon), I am rather baffled at the general populace's ass-backwards support of work that causes more than a few issues and has little to no support (despite my not bitching to loudly about RFCW).

    Before I get any of my mods uploaded, I am going to want them beta tested by some of you fine folks in the community that have some idea about building mods. I have been lucky to meet some modders, in the past little while, that have a level of skill, knowledge and dedication to their work that I greatly respect. Both of you, Nos and Herculine, especially. I am hoping that, once I have something ready for testing, that one or both of you would be willing to assist me with that, assuming you have the time to do so, of course.

    The first project will most likely be a version of my Cameron companion. I have a couple of ideas for that, most would result in small mods, on would include a home base, similar to the Surface Monitoring Station you see in my comic.

    Just putting feelers out there for now, as it were :)

  8. That should be "one would include...", sheesh.

  9. I've been trying not to bitch too loudly about RFCW because I like the idea behind it; I like the concept of what it's intended to do. But it has been executed poorly, is full of bugs and issues, is packaged in a faulty auto-installer and the comments thread of nearly 5000 posts mainly consists of questions and complaints that are answered by other assumed well-meaning Nexus members and downloaders of the mod rather than being given attention by the actual author/uploader of the mod. I can forgive one or two such issues, but adding them all up quite simply equals a mod that I won't be using. I gave it a try, but I have to pass on that one.

  10. Understandable Herculine. Like I said, I just want it for a second FO3 game that I can mod differently, without having to push the limit cap with my main game. I seriously need to combine some more related esps as well. I would like to cut down on the entry count on the load order before I go any further with my mod projects.

  11. @Nos: The high esteem some of the buggy mods get is probably due to the "Ooh, shiny!" effect overwhelming their minds.

    If you just want two FO3 installs, why not just do that?
    Make a clean install, make multiple copies of it and mod them separately. Just don't run more than one at a time (if that's even possible without it exploding :)

    If you're using a Steam version, there's a bit more messing around with renaming the folders to and from the steam folder name but works.

    IIRC a tool called mTES4 could do that automatically for FO3 and Oblivion. Haven't used it for a while though.

  12. I was not aware that I could do multiple installs Kirtai. It is something I will look into a bit later on though, but thank you none the less :) I do foresee the possibility of some issues with FOMM though.