Sunday, October 2, 2011

Overheard in NosCo HQ

"Does NCCS only allow you to make human companions?"


NCCS does not restrict you in any way -- you're still free to create whatever your modding skills and the GECK will allow while NCCS is active.

...No, that'll get me in trouble, no matter how funny it is...


Yes, in v0.7 the only included framework is the one for NPC-type (human and non-feral ghoul) companions.

Yeah, that's innocuous enough.

Wonder if anyone's observant enough to catch that I specified v0.7 only contains the one framework...


  1. Ohh you mean the parts "v0.7", "the only included","one for NPC-type companions" which is about half the sentence almost hehe.

    Naaaa, besides when did you become such an optimist like that :P

    Overall.. 1) Grats it's at a newer release version it sounds like. 2) Leads one to think there is a possibility for growth later on for other types.

    I am guessing you got some of the sorter stuff figured out? And hmmm I should crack the geck and see what they consider fawkes in FO3 hehe.

    As unless I miss my guess, would it not be possible to take a body mod as a non-replacer for some other thing Like a Super-mutant for an NPC as a different race ( which I assume is how ghouls are do able )?
    Granted it might require some good modding skills for poses and what not depending on the body style. All my responses are still sadly based on FO3 experience.

    Of which I was able to kinda play around with 1 body type tonight in blender adjusted the waist,stomach,buns and such from on of the BB types, to match the leaner legs of another. ( kinda close enough anyway ) Then adjusted an out fit, once that was done.

    Best part of all I deleted the non-essential stuff then. Saved the clothing, and when I went to save the upperbody.nif for testing. Pulled the newbie mistake of not selecting the body when I exported and deleted. Soo when I opened my testbody.nif to check out my last few hours of work ..... importing.... *Facepalm* nada loaded in LOL.

    So deleted the clothing that should have matched until I start over. But still got experience on how I did most of it under the belt. I foresee lots of blender practice work this week attempting a few things.

    So I can only begin to attempt to understand any of the issue's you run into regarding scripting and wish ye luck on getting them figured out. If I get this resizing working well soon, I will attempt to dabble with your resources for RR in FO3 and attempt a companion with a side quest also.

    *Ohhhh shiny Idea* Runs off to research something before mind changes tracks...

  2. Actually, I meant that the way I worded it implies that there other frameworks, and other versions that potentially include them. A notion that I neither confirm nor deny.

    In any event, the weekend was a total modding bust. I ended up getting sidetracked when a new Lovers component I had been trying out fucked over my Oblivion saves, and I had to wipe them and go back to the "clean" save at the sewer exit.

    Not only did I not get any sorter testing and/or revisions done, but I never even fired up FNV.

    Kept thinking that turning off my personal companions plugin would also cost me my NosCo Super Blackhawk, and leave me with that shitty vanilla 44 that I don't like; which started me thinking that I should probably finish off a merchant for the NosCo weapons collection before I go to NCCS alone, so as to keep decent weaponry... which of course results in me going "but that's a lot of trouble... maybe I'll watch anime instead..."

  3. I fully expect no change in the number of questions you generally receive regarding NCCS creature companions. In fact, knowing the lot that frequents the Nexus, such a printed statement will likely prompt MORE people to ask about it.

  4. I did consider that... but it was just too good to pass up.

    I'm an evil bastard, remember.

  5. I saw the question posted last night and I just about facepalmed, as I know how those sort of questions make you twitch...then possibly rant.

    That said, I am going to have to make up a few non-human companions myself soon. I need a few somewhat reliable actors that I can get posed the way I want, and have them stay that way long enough get the shots I want. Unless, of course, I can figure out how to make enemies friendly with the Groovatron...

    Speaking of Nos being an evil bastard, NosCo and my comic, I would like to once again thank you Nos, for allowing me to use NosCo in said comic. I have finished writing out the basic framework for how the company fits into the story, and I may have created quite the monster :D

  6. LOL @Druu, is it something like Maeva with NosCo backing vs Cameron?

    Well Nos when faced with a choice of a lot of hard modding work and avail anime that I have not seen that would be good to watch.

    Anime wins usually hands down.
    I think I might have to borrow either oblivion or FNV for the 360 from my brother sometime just to get kind of a basic feel of those games. Mostly cause well not as fun without the mods hehe.

  7. @Druuler:

    "That said, I am going to have to make up a few non-human companions myself soon. I need a few somewhat reliable actors that I can get posed the way I want, and have them stay that way long enough get the shots I want. "

    Uh, I've never tried it myself... but I don't think non-humanoids have the skeleton to play "poses" from the Groovatron. That could get real interestin'.

    Although the Groovatron does have some make friendly and lock-in-place functions, so depending on what poses you're after, I suppose it's possible.


    Eh, wasn't new anime. I was re-watching Girls Bravo. Seen it a couple times already, but y'know... tits and all. What can I say? I am a guy.

    On that note, I also picked up (locally) the OVA release of Kano Kon; and it was the filthiest non-hentai I've seen in recent memory. I'm going to have to spring for the full series of that one the next time I place an Amazon order.

  8. @Calabeth: Nah, Maeva is so low on the totem pole in my realm that she doesn't rate that kind of backing. I am aiming for something a tad more insidious @,===,@

    @Nos: I have previously messed around with Super Mutants and Deathclaws, using the poses made specifically for them. The pose will take, but I cannot freeze them in place to make it last indefinitely. More often than not, they time out before I have everything else set and ready to take the shot. Bloody annoying...

  9. anime, heh. Girls Bravo is amusing, I feel there's better shows than that in that genre.

    Nos, re NCCS - any rough guesstimate to a new release? My companions are still exhibiting the weird symptoms of their weapons getting unloaded when they holster them - vanilla or mod-added weapons. Really lowers their combat effectiveness for me. Thinking of trying a clean install of the new version before I go into slash-n-burn mode trying to find out why my girls are acting retarded like that. In my abundant time due to massive OT at work. sigh

  10. @Darksong:

    I never said Girls Bravo was the pinnacle of the genre; just that it was fun to watch.

    As for the release... well, I had planned to have it out by now. Trouble is, that sorter locking issue manifested in NCCS by itself, as well. This time it was the 'sort all' script that locked, so the sorters still function as long as you run them individually. I'm having a bear of a time tracking it down, and still have no leads beyond "it happens on high hour games" -- a theory supported by the fact that Herculine (whose game has less than twelve hours on it) isn't seeing any such issues, and I didn't see it until fifty plus hours in.

    That said, if you think upgrading will help that much, knock yourself out.

    Just please read the changelog before overwriting the old version; and I'd appreciate it if after a bit of play you let me know whether the sorters all work, and how many hours are on your current game.

    On that note: anyone else reading the comments thread who wants to download the 'advanced beta' and take a crack at it, feel free -- just bear in mind this isn't something I consider fully ready for public release.

  11. Thanks Nos - I'll be giving it the run-thru this weekend and will give feedback when I've done so.

    I'm really leaning toward this being caused by a combo of a FNV patch + other companion-effecting mods - I trust your code

  12. I think it's the latest patch. I've seen an issue that I think is what you're describing; but it's intermittent, and only manifested since I installed the latest game patch. Prior to that, I hadn't seen it before.

    It seems to have to do with the companions' combat radius -- high numbers cause the issue more often.

    That said, it doesn't happen every combat, so it's damned hard to nail down. I still have a few more changes I want to make to v0.8 after thinking it over some more, so I think I'll also go through and reset the NCCS combat styles' radii to match the ones I've had good luck with in my personal companions plugin.