Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Companions Mod, RR 4.8 Compatibility

Just got done testing after redoing the script mods, and resetting the packages.

Seems like everything works fine. I was worried for a moment, when I tested the new package... nothing happened. Then I realized that the girls won't drink with helmets on (duh).

I also find it immensely amusing to see someone sit like that in a hundred and fifty pounds of armor.

Resetting the follow distances to 150 seems to be a good idea. The girls stay close to me, but aren't constantly stepping on me or in my way.

Not tested heavily by any means at this point, but thus far I'd say it works.

Had one incident of the follower not following.

Was inside Evergreen Mills Bazaar, on that ramp leading up to the Madame's rooms. My money says navmeshing issue, and the AI lost its damned mind. That's a complex little area, full of protruding terrain and clutter that stops them.

Simply waiting an hour fixed it, and she caught up to us.

This same area causes problems with companions nearly every trip through.

Have not, as yet, tried out the teleporting system. Although to see it in action, something generally has to go massively wrong with a follower... so it may be awhile before I do.

Suppose I really should run some tests with six or so companions, instead of the two to three I normally roll with.

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