Monday, September 7, 2009

Scripting again...

So, I had reminded people in my Companions Mod's comments section that endorsements are a great way to motivate me to get off my dead ass and work on the new features.

I come back from my little break, to find an endorsement and a reminder to get off my dead ass and work on the new features.

Never let it be said that the squeaky wheel does not get the oil!

Got the GECK open now, working on a small-ish feature that will make the companions sit when the player does, provided there is an empty chair nearby.

Had toyed with it before, but scrapped the modifications after they didn't want to work right. Never figured out whether it was my scripting call or the package that wasn't working.

Wrote it in again just now, and tested... scripting call works fine, but package needs work.

How do I know this?

I forgot to add a check to make sure the companion is in the player's party.

Sat down, nothing.

Stood up, and it added the followplayer package to all ten companions, nine of whom were just chillin' in the Vault, and not in my party. They all became followers.

So, I know the script works, at least. Now just to figure out how to package it to make them sit the hell down.


Tested again with an "eat" package instead of a "use item at" package. Works!

...Slight problem? I appear to have set too high a radius, as the companion went almost fifty yards away before finding a seat she liked, despite the fact that there was one open right next to me.

Gotta try lowering the radius, I think...

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