Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Nos' RR Companions AV Preview

So, before deciding to hold off on uploading the new versions, I had already taken some screenshots. Got them uploaded this evening, and as a combination teaser/please-don't-kill-me-bribe, I'll link them for you here.

One showing the height differences, between some of the girls. Much like real people, three of the four wouldn't look at the damned camera.

After some gentle cajoling, they cooperated. It's little eccentricities and annoyances like these that make me like NPC companions. All the randomness of a real person, without the whiny, nasally bitching of a twelve year old with a girl's voice.

Since the Alternate Guards file uses my companions mod as a master, I decided to do a version of it that puts the guards into the new races, as well. Now they, too, will have different cup sizes and shaving habits. Combined with height settings, it really makes them seem unique.

Here, in addition to height-demonstrations, you can also see my only complaint with the Type3 package - that being that the textures, under the right light, look almost glowing. Is weird, and I haven't found a fix for it... still, is a hell of a lot better than I can texture, so y'know...

This is actually one of my favorites from the new version of the mod. I call it "The Staredown", although stare-up would be just as accurate.

Kate is a shorty cutie, standing right around five feet, or a bit less. Maeva, of course, makes Amazonians look short, topping seven feet. I about fell out of my chair laughing when I turned around from screenshotting Alma, to see Maeva and Kate in a silent staring match.

The aforementioned shot of Alma, working at her computer in the clinic. That girl seems to do nothing but work in the clinic. I may have to mess with her package loadout to see if I can't make her a bit more fun...

Another of the new guards. I should note: the skin textures aren't that blue-y-purple. Vault 1 uses primarily fluorescent lighting, and I run a pip-boy light mod that changes it to a blue-ish LED type light, rather than the vanilla incandescent white.

Three of the new guards, doing their thing at the choke-point leading out to the front door.

I've had ideas about scripting an occasional raider attack, so that the guards actually have something to do. Someday, perhaps.

Engel, and one of the new guards. I can just hear: "...What in the hell do you want, blondie?"

Maeva and Charlotte, who you can see if a tall girl, herself. Not as tall as Maeva, though.

Used one of myself as a baseline, this time. You can see Engel in the background, bored, and Maeva wondering what in the holy hell I'm doing.

This is another one that makes me rather proud. Maeva, modeling some Type3 adjusted clothing. Normally, wouldn't be anything outstanding, but the outfit has lots of alpha that lets the skin tone show through. Lookit that work... not even a neck-seam. Damn I'm good, some days.

Work, of course, continues. I recently got hold of a whole mess of Type3 clothing, and I think I'm going to have to put together a little fashion show.

...Even if Engel will hurt me for asking her to wear that bikini...

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