Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Prep Work

Spent a decent portion of the morning trying to get the new versions of my companions mod ready for upload.

No, I didn't mistype; there are now three versions of it.

One is the normal version that's been up for download a couple months now. One is the same, but with the new bodies, and rebalanced faces.

I had to change the faces, as kicking over to the custom races reset the default facial features underlying the changes I had made, and they didn't look good anymore.

Third version is the new bodies, but with the improved AI I've been working on.

Second two versions are fine. I had some master file issues to work out, but that's minor detail work, and went by easily enough.

Now I'm left with the original version... where the faces don't look right. I've been playing with the new AV variant of the mod for close to three weeks, and in that time have tweaked faces over and over, getting them just right. Going back, looking at the old ones showed just how far I took it.

Trouble is, the GECK's facegen is less than stellar.

It loves giving women five o'clock shadows, and has a nasty habit of putting the weirdest blue, patchy textures on faces that aren't bronze-tanned.

Naturally, I like my wemmenz pale and purdy, so this is all kinds of pain in my ass.

Still, I soldier on. I've just about got it all unfucked now, and just have to take some updated screenshots.

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